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Tips pleaseThis is for all the tourists that come here. Whether you’re from this country or not, it is customary to tip your bartenders, your servers, anyone in the food and beverage industry. That’s how we make our money. People don’t realize that we make a very, very small minimum wage to work our butts off for little or no money, and it’s frustrating. That’s how we live here.Texan respondsThis is in response to “Roundabout rage” about the Texans that move to Colorado. I know who you are, and I know you are talking about me. Don’t forget, there’s two lanes in a roundabout. You can’t drive your Volvo in both of them.Build pavilionI’d like to comment on the livestock pavilion. I feel that Eagle is zoned for its rodeos, etc., so therefore we should enhance the area and do the pavilion, and I wish the commissioners would not be so shortsighted and look down the road, because in Eagle that will be the center of the universe in time to come, and you have to think that way and not think why you should be giving money for open space. Not from one placeI’m just calling in response to all the Tipslines about the illegals. Yes, there is a lot of Mexican illegals here, but they are not the only illegals. What about all the people working at Safeway from Russia, South Africa, all the illegals from Australia? They’re all here taking our jobs the same way as the illegal Mexicans. Look at them, too. You go into Safeway you hear them talking a language we don’t understand, either, yet the Mexicans are put down for talking Spanish. I think we should go after the employees who are employing all these people, giving them the benefits that aren’t given to us beyond our control, and fine them heavily. Let them stop doing the illegal hiring, and if you know someone who’s doing this illegal hiring, report them to immigration. Vail, Colorado

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