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Do … somethingEverything Steve Pope says in his comments is true and should be acted upon. So Steve, put your money and your paper where your mouth is and do something. You’re the man. Arthur Kittay.Likes ideaI support Mr. Ginn’s new ski club and development in Minturn. Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek are just too overrun with ski racers, teenagers, snowboarders, hot dogs and kids who ski too fast, steal things, and ruin it for the rest of us. It’s about time someone came along and offered us a private ski club where we will have our own slopes and be able to enjoy a relaxing day in the out of doors without having to put up with the obnoxious elements of public skiing. Thank you, Mr. Ginn. Not everything needs to be open to the public.Not your babysitterThe Golden Eagle Senior Center, alert. The Golden Eagle Senior Center card playing and lunch is not a freebie babysitting service. So whoever it is that is leaving their child unattended for the seniors to watch, get a grip. It is not a free babysitting service, and what you’re doing is illegal. Make sure that you do not leave your children to go to the library. The seniors are not your free babysitters. Concerned citizen of Eagle County. Thank you, have a little respect.Don’t forget dancersIt was great to see such a nice comment regarding the Battle Mountain Huskies winter sports team and how much each team has achieved this past season. Everything the caller said is true, Battle Mountain sports have come a long, long way. However, one athletic team was left out of the call. The Battle Mountain dance team practices two-three hours a day, performs at all home games including football, basketball and hockey, and competes at local, regional, state and national level. In fact, they placed 10th in the nation this past weekend in Florida. They are truly athletes and truly amazing. Congratulations, dancers!Vail, Colorado

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