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A criticTo the Vail Police Department: Nice work on your investigation into the sexual assault in the Vail Parking Structure. The artist’s sketch of the assailant was very helpful. Caucasian male, medium build, wearing a dark jacket, dark pants, and white tennis shoes, featuring a goatee, short hair cut close to the sides and long on the top like a mohawk. It is very helpful. We are all safe in knowing that the artist’s sketch looks like three-quarters of the males in Vail Valley. I’m sure we’ll find him soon and justice will be served. Can someone please pass the crayons.Financial burdenRegarding the commissioner’s meeting Tuesday, March 15, and the discussion about the $2 million livestock pavilion, I think it was grossly unfair of Tom Stone to lead the charge, as your reporter stated, in pressuring Peter Runyon to render a decision to a group of “surprised visitors.” I personally think the fairgrounds is already a financial burden to the county taxpayers. Many of the existing buildings are dilapidated, in need of repair, or replacement. The riverfront location is under-utilized as a park, which could benefit a wider spectrum of county residents if the facility were designed towards more multi-use. The $2 million might be better spent to upgrade existing facilities over the next 10 years, including a new 4-H barn. Commissioners, please be careful with how you spend our money. Vail, Colorado

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