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Dey know dat?It has become more apparent than ever that Jack Kingstad, not Ingstad, Kingstad, controls the county. This guy decide what the county’s going to do. How does he find $3 million all of a sudden to fund Eaton Ranch? If anybody wants to know who runs Eagle County, talk to Jack Ingstad, because he’s the guy who decides where the money’s going to be spent. Follow the money, follow Jack Ingstad, because he’s the guy who controls the commissioners. Hoping for moreIs Commissioner Runyon over-jobbed? It’s almost comical if it wasn’t so sad. Commissioner Runyon can rush to make a decision to buy a gravel pit in Edwards using $6 million of taxpayers’ money and potentially negatively affecting the future infrastructure of the Edwards community, yet he can’t make a decision on the fairground pavilion which is forecasted to pay for itself. Too bad Runyon and Menconi don’t believe in due diligence when it comes to wasting taxpayer money. We have grown accustomed to Menconi, but I was hoping for more from Runyon.My horror storyRecently I gave birth to our daughter at Vail Valley Medical Center. They needed to induce me right away, but the medication took forever to dilate my cervix, so my husband and I walked around outside trying to get this baby to make her appearance. While in labor, we walked to the Vail Library to see if we could borrow books or a video to help me pass the time and take my mind off the pain. We have been 10-year, full-time residents of this county, honest people with no criminal records, home owners, had our licenses and Avon library cards with us. Imagine our disappointment when they discouraged us in even filling out an application for a card. We wrongly assumed that since we had our Avon library card, we’d easily be able to get another card, even if just for the day, to borrow books just for a day or two and then quickly return them. We explained to the librarian our current situation, and she was rude. There I was in labor, and she wouldn’t let us borrow one book or one video to bring back to the hospital with us so that we could pass the time and distract me from the terrible pain I was in. We even said we’d return the video later that day. No way was the response. That librarian was a heartless woman. Disgraceful, is all I can say about the Vail Library. Eagle and Avon libraries are wonderful.Will get junkMy name is Matt Raver. I’m just calling regarding the Edwards Skate Park. I think it’s a rip-off, spending a million dollars on a skateboard park built by a bunch of kooks that don’t even skateboard. They could have went with Grindline or Dreamland, built by real skateboarders and spent $400,000 and got a sick park, but instead they’re getting junk. Congress and BodePretty sad to see Congress go for 11 hours and you have a bunch of liars talking to a bunch of liars about steroids. Bode Miller won the World Cup. He got no press, no publicity, no nothing, and hear you’ve got Congress trying to clean things up? Wait a minute, Congress, shut our borders down, and keep our $64 billion in our country and make our country a better place to live. People want to do serious, nasty drugs, let them do it. They’ll die like Lyle Alzado. Give Bode Miller some credit. …Too darkI was just wondering why the town or CDOT don’t make the lighting on Highway 6 better. It is so dark when you’re getting off a bus, there’s an accident waiting to happen there. The street lights are out by Bear Valley, which was once known as West Lot, and the street lights along Beaver Creek Boulevard are out. With all that’s happening in this world, you’d think they’d make it safer for people getting off the bus.Oh, I heard …I was just calling in response to the article about the victim at the Vail Village parking garage, the sexual assault victim. As I’m talking to people about this article, I’ve been living in the valley since August, I’ve heard from several different people that this is not a rare occurrence, that they’ve heard this has happened 10 times in the last two years, which would make that once every few months. I’m absolutely astonished that there isn’t more preventative measures being taken in regards to the safety of our community members and people who are here on vacation. I’ve been in the Vail parking garage many times by myself, and I never thought that my safety would be jeopardized there. Now, knowing that this happened, not only to one but possibly several women, I am going to be much more on my guard, and it just makes me upset I’ve spent so much time in what I considered a safe area.Keeping you safeThis is a response to the concerned citizen in Tipsline who can’t figure out why the Avon PD. is shooting their radar up Wildridge hill at 1:15 in the morning. They’re looking for speeders and drunk drivers.Safety hazard?I was at the Avon Rec Center … and they’ve got the movie night, which is great. … But they’ve got all the electrical equipment sitting on the pool deck. Speakers, amplifiers, extension cords running across the wet pool deck. … They need to get that stuff in the ceiling. Someone needs to do something about that, because if one of those things falls in the pool, that wouldn’t be good. Maybe if you put this in the paper the Town of Avon would do something about it. Vail, Colorado

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