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Nothing wrong with thatAbout the bus driver that blows kisses, flashes his lights, plays the music, I think it’s great! Too bad all the bus drivers aren’t like that.Just stick to drivingThis is in response to the tip about the bus driver who flashes their lights and sings and plays their very loud music. I agree with you, that’s not his job, he needs to drive the bus. He’s very annoying and he’s not an entertainer. …Run, scream, yellI’m watching footage of another young girl murdered by a pedophile. Parents, teach your children well. Growing up, I was just one of those kids. I was identifiable. I don’t know why. But I learned early on to run and I ran one time and it saved my life. Tell your kids to run. Now this latest case, nothing you can do. Teach your kids to run, scream, yell. Run, scream, yell. That’s all you can do, and lock your doors. Do what you can do, because they’re out there, and it’s horrifying to relive this. But run, scream, yell. If anyone drives near you, asks you a question, run, run. Don’t listen to anyone, kiddos.Yeah, that’s itSitting here reading the paper, March 19th, once again Arn Menconi never ceases to amaze. I think SOS actually stands for “Stop Other Ski Areas.” He obviously has a hidden agenda because he has Vail Resorts in his back pocket. They don’t want any more development in Minturn and want to put their nose in everybody’s business, but they never seem to mind when they’re developing the whole I-70 corridor, as to how many golf courses we’re going to have, how many ski resorts within five miles, that type of thing. So it’s obvious that Arn is in Vail Resorts’ back pocket, and people need to wake up and not vote for him next time when it comes around, because it’s pretty much ridiculous. His hidden agenda is pretty easy to follow.Like a dog?I was just watching the news about that poor lady in Florida, where they’re fixing to starve her to death. I think it would be more humane to euthanize her. I mean, don’t let her starve to death, give her a shot, and get it over with.It’s our gravy trainI’m just reading Saturday’s paper about Arn Menconi wanting the Eagle County Commissioners to be involved with the annexation of the Gilman property, and I was wondering where was he when Red Cliff was having all of our water problems, or during the campaign season, or when Red Cliff needed anything else? But as soon as there’s an offer to get some extra money from these areas, all of a sudden he’s stepping up. Tell him to back away. These little towns, Minturn and Red Cliff, have survived without any input from county commissioners thus far, so we don’t need their help now, especially now that we actually might be getting some funding and some sources of income. Agin’ that tooUs old timers remember how vehemently opposed Diana Donovan was to the Gerald Ford Amphitheater. What a success this has turned out to be. And Diana, your name is engraved on the outside wall. What about the Donovan Park Pavilion? How supportive of that project were you? … Diana, you should get the conference center built. It just might work, and you would get your name on it, too.Vail, Colorado

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