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Don’t help ‘them’The term illegal alien says it all. … They are here illegally, and for those that say, “Oh it’s OK if they take the menial jobs, and I’m being kind,” it doesn’t matter. If they’re taking one job from one legal person in this country, it’s wrong. And I’ve got a question. … A couple of weeks ago there was an article in the paper about an “illegal” woman who was beaten up by her “illegal” boyfriend, who fled to Mexico, obviously because he can return in a couple of months under another assumed name and nobody will be the wiser. I read in the paper that she is receiving care, funding, medical care from the victim’s assistance fund. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. If these people are here illegally, why are they taking money from our pockets, because that’s where this money comes from for those funds. … We didn’t knowI wanted to comment about the Vail conference center. I have gone to some of the meetings, and as a resident of Vail, I feel like once I speak up about not liking either the design or wanting more facts about the figures and what not that then you’re just basically attacked at that point, and I have gotten up and left because you just feel like you’re under attack. You have the hotel owners making smart comments about revitalize that, some of the development people are saying, oh, we’ve put so much work into this, and everybody has their own spiel and they all put down the resident who is trying to find out information. I personally feel that we have been misled on the figures and what it will cost. I think we voted without accurate information yet they knew that those figures were deficits and whatnot, and I feel we were not given the figures and facts and when you try to go in there they just put you down with all these cute little phrases like it’s been over-analyzed.Little bitter, maybe?Maybe nobody in the Vail area knows the star-studded roster of the American Ski Classic celebrities because they’re not celebrities, because the American Ski Classic is just a washed-up event for the rich, elite, pompous board of directors and other rich second-home owners in Vail and not for the locals who live in like Gypsum and Eagle, places where people actually have to work. So maybe the Vail Valley Foundation should just put that silly event to bed.Just so much porkMore pork barrel politics. Last week’s Vail Daily told of a $41,000 grant the Eagle Fire Department got for new radios, headsets and masks. It came from Homeland Security. How this is connected with terrorist attacks is unclear. There’s a lot of this going on. If the Fire Department needs new equipment, the people who are served by that agency should pay for it. Do you think you’re saving money this way? Do you think it’s not going on all over the country? There’s more to come. Sunday’s Vail Daily had a story headlined “Avalanche experts eye federal funding.” I wonder how people from places like Kansas will feel about that.Celebrities?I got a hoot out of reading your Sunday’s edition saying that Vail locals and tourists aren’t all that celeb savvy. Well all I have to say is, maybe if you brought in some real stars, we’d be able to identify them. John McEnroe, when did he win his last tennis match? 1982? Buzz Aldrin? Didn’t he land on the moon in the 1960s? Robert Kennedy Jr. He died in a plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard a few years ago, didn’t he? And Ryan Sutter, well, I’ll just leave that one. And Adam Aron, if he’s a celebrity, than I am a super model. So anyways, if you bring in some real celebrities, we’ll know who they are. Um, he won electionThe smartest thing the commissioners can do is stay out of Minturn’s business. And Arn, I don’t even know how you got where you are. That never ceases to amaze me. A regular spreeAttempted robbery in Eagle and sexual assault. The next day you’ve got a bank robbery in Vail. Wow. Skiing one day at Vail … priceless.Vail, Colorado

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