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While I was traveling through Minturn the other day I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful new fire station and the piles of trash to the side of the fire station, loaded with cardboard and paper flying about. Then I traveled through there again a few days later. Had anyone noticed that all of this debris was blowing throughout the streets of Minturn? While this was happening, does anyone know where the police chief was, or the town planner, making their $40,000 a year. And were any summons issued to the contractor? They’re both good questions. Is there any accountability in that town?

Costing us

I read the story of Vanessa and my heart goes out to her and her family. Insurance is almost unaffordable. My own went up $100 per month in January. It has done so yearly. If every working person in Colorado wasn’t paying approximately $2,500 a year out of their paychecks for Illegals’ welfare programs, that money (in my case, $5,000 cash a year) would amply cover my own family’s health insurance premiums. Vanessa’s family could afford insurance and that cash money would likely pay for the school teacher’s monthly premiums for her own two children. When a individual doesn’t pay their hospital bills, that cost is passed directly to the insured individuals, raising health premium costs annually. That is my Tip. Stop giving away our hard-earned money to people living in this country illegally.

Free market?

This is an open question to County Commissioner Tom Stone since he spends so much time patting himself on the back for bringing affordable housing to Eagle County in the form of 300 units at Berry Creek. Why are you using my tax dollars to create housing at a “less than market” price so that you effectively lower the value of my home? I worked long and hard to buy a small townhome in Edwards and knew that this home would grow in value as time went on. Now you are using tax dollars to create cheap houses, which drops the value of my home. I was raised to be a Republican because I thought government was supposed to be smaller and keep its nose out of private business ventures and let the free market rule the economy. Tom, you have smashed my piggy bank and wrecked the value of my home. What kind of compassionate conservative are you anyhow?

Needs a life

I just wanted to leave an opinion on your paper cover for Presidents Day. I think it’s totally tacky, tasteless, disrespectful, and not everybody thinks dudes are cool, especially the president. You guys need to get it together, there are other people than Yuppies out there.

If you say so

I’m just calling to say that I’m an illegal and I’m a Mexican and I have been here for five years and I have never claimed taxes. Just like me there are thousands of people who are here illegally and they have never claimed taxes, so where is that money going? And we don’t take your jobs. We do jobs that you guys don’t do. Would you work as a housekeeper or a laborer? How about a dishwasher?

Fair warning

This is to those people who think that the Gold Peak terrain park is handled irresponsibly. Please know what you’re talking about before you speak. All terrain park features are not available to the public. Uniformed park personnel are in the park during business hours, and most importantly, the terrain park has a 4by 8 foot sign at the entrance that specifically outlines safety hazards and personal responsibility. Sorry, hacks.

Hanging around

Democratic Attorney General Kent Salazar just doesn’t seem to get it that you ought to take your campaign signs down after an election.

Aussies good for Vail

I have just read a Tipsline from Saturday’s newspaper in regard to the

“Priority gap” article. I am very distraught about the international bashing, in particular the Australians. Some people do not understand that this is a major part of our life where people keep returning to the valley year after year… We come to Vail for the winter season. We are more reliable to employ then young Americans because they don’t want to work for minimum wage. They don’t want to have to get their hands dirty. I have found in the time that i have been here that Americans don’t want to come out here because employment is only seasonal and a lot of the jobs are not career oriented. … (The caller) said that we come out here spend no money and that we send our money back home so we can retire and live like kings. That is far from true, because the dollar rate is not that great. We make minimum wage.

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