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A hand outThis is in response to Tuesday’s Tipsline “Tips, please.” I’d just like to add on to that not only the food industry people, but all the bellmen and valets and other people that work around here to all our guests that don’t realize, we don’t get paid unless they pay us. That’s how we make a living. Everybody seems to want everything for free these days, but they turn around and complain about the service. Trash beatWhile walking through the West Vail commercial area, I’d like to commend Vail Das Schone, the UPS store, and Ace Hardware. The outside of your buildings and the parking lots look great. Safeway and the West Vail Mall, you guys should pick up your trash. The West Vail Liquor Mart, you guys should be especially embarrassed.Fix the roadsSo my tip has to be the condition of the roads. I understand we get a lot of snow and we get a lot of ice up here in the high country, but some of these roads up here are just terrible, namely I-70. I was driving just from Avon to Vail Pass, and my CD player skipped 10 times, and that’s on a paved road. So I’m just saying that some of these roads are torn up. I know they do a good job in Colorado compared to most states, but there are some really bad potholes out there that are just ready to bust an axle. I really think that should be addressed. Do criminal checksI’m calling regarding crime and child abductions and all that kind of stuff, and I just heard something on the “O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News. In Las Vegas, when they hire new construction workers, they do a criminal background check. Now if we have illegals coming into this country, they’re not going to find out that much, but wouldn’t that be a start? A lot of acquaintances possibly could be illegal, but could be nice people, but you never know. So let’s start somewhere. Wouldn’t that be a nice idea? County commissioners, the cops, everybody? Let’s start somewhere.Away from actionSo we’ve got two to three police cars on Route 6 between Avon and Edwards at any given time, and we have bank robberies and sexual assaults going on in the Vail Village. I don’t get it. Good job.On a rollFor you, friend Don: Going to jump on the new PC bandwagon and talk about immigrants in America? Well, cool. It is the popular journalistic thing to do nowadays. But wait! There’s more! You spoke of the need for immigrants and I couldn’t agree more! How about that! We just agreed! We need immigrants in America. We need to deport ALL illegal aliens. We do not want them here, we do not welcome them here, and we do not want to build a new school upvalley because of them specifically. And we anti-illegal alien folks are speaking of just them, illegals that break the law, which is why they are called “illegal” aliens. Note the word? You like words. Look illegal up in the dictionary. It means unlawful. Believe me, we speak NOT of immigrants here. We know the difference. We Coloradoans like and welcome immigrants. Different subject, immigrants. So when you jump on the new cool illegal bandwagon, along with the rest of the liberal left PC media, get your subjects straight. … H.M.Vail, Colorado

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