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Ginnturn? Love itI am calling regarding Mr. Ginn’s development. I think it’s a great idea. I think we need more competition in the valley, because right now Vail Resorts has got the market on the entire valley, as well as Summit County with Breckenridge and Keystone. So I think adding a little competition here would be great. As a VA employee, I look forward to the opportunity to work there and make some decent money and maybe actually support my family here in the valley, which VA doesn’t really help me with at all. Go for Cabella’sThere is a Cabella’s in Kansas that has become a major destination resort. Maybe the town of Eagle should look into that for a big box.Doesn’t like lawI find it ironic that there’s a water board that can take your water away if you don’t use it as in the case of Minturn. Maybe we should form some sort of Realtor board that could take some of these homes up here in Bachelor Gulch and Beaver Creek that don’t get used away from their owners because of lack of usage also. You know? Maybe we could call it like manifest destiny or something like that where it was your but now it’s ours. It just doesn’t seem right in this day and age that they can do that, whether it be water or any case. ‘Their’ faultI believe your headline should have read “aliens busted in bank heist” and a little quote in your Quick Takes commentary on the front page should have read, “with so many jobs filled by largely unskilled, illegal immigrant labor.” Key word illegal. Nice work, Don.Editor’s note: The men accused of robbing the bank were here legally. Vague complaintHey Vail Associates: How can you own a mountain, and treat people who love it this way?Rude securityVail Resorts needs to hire some decent security people that aren’t rude and know how to treat people politely, mostly the locals, because what comes around goes around.Hey, we like herThis is for the individual that called about the little girl that plays cards with the seniors on occasion. You are so wrong with your attitude. The seniors that play, which you don’t, greatly enjoy having her interact with us. It is totally refreshing for us to have a youth to visit the senior center. She has received our permission, by the way, to be with us, so why don’t you get a life and don’t be so negative. Thank you very much.Keep coming to visit!After questioning our card players, we would like to set the Golden Eagle record straight. We enjoy playing cards with the young lady in question. She is a delight to talk with and brightens our day. What a shame that one negative individual who doesn’t take part in this, or any fun activity, tries to speak for all seniors. What a shame that our young people are led to believe that all elderly people are hateful and anti-youth. Please continue to come and play. We enjoy you.Write onI’d just like to thank Art Allard for writing the letter about Minturn and Elizabeth Klaus for her letter about Eagle Ranch. They are both articulate, well written letters, and thank you both for taking the time to put into words that so many people believe in and just don’t have the time to sit down and write. Useful tipMy name’s Eric Lee and I’m calling in a tip for a change. When storing your broom, stand it on the handle. That way your bristles won’t bend and your broom will last forever. How many …?I’m calling from Avon and I’m sitting in our office here watching the town of Avon roads and bridge workers, but there are six people standing there watching one guy run a shovel. I don’t think that’s quite the way our tax dollars should be spent. I would like to know why that is.Locals? No wayI wanted to call about the headline, “locals busted in bank heist.” In a second paragraph of the story, it says that these two guys are from New Zealand and Australia and they moved here in November. So that would mean that they’ve been here five months and they’re locals? Yikes!A blue moon rises …I’d like to comment about a few commentaries that I’ve read in the paper recently, the first was by Don Rogers about immigration. I think that he has opened my form of thought to this issue. I’ve always been against illegal immigration. However, I think that he was pretty poignant and insightful regarding his statistics. However, I base this solely on his statistics, and I think that they need to be true in order to be validated, so I take them at face value. The next thing would be Butch Mazzuca, and I really loved his article. I clipped it and I will be sending it to my relatives. I think it was very insightful, very inspirational and very proactive. As a salesman, I really enjoyed that. Third was Richard Carnes and his article about what he believes in and what he does not. I found that to be pretty much along the lines of a lot of things that I happen to believe in with the exception that I think that Richard Carnes is somewhat of a believer in creationism, and based on that article, I would challenge him to that form of thought. He seems like somebody that did not outline that quite enough, but I love his articles and I think you guys are doing a great job and I think he’s doing a great job. Lastly, it would be the Tipsline forum which I am calling in on. I appreciate this forum because I don’t have time to sit down and write an article to you folks, and this is the first time I’ve called in and I enjoy reading this forum and being able to call in and talk. Gee folks, definitely feel free to edit any of this and my name is Steven Porter and I appreciate this opportunity and I wish you all the best of luck. Keep doing what you’re doing well. Don Rogers, I don’t always agree with you, but I think you are challenging in a lot of ways. So keep up the good work.’Locals’ defined”Locals busted in bank heist.” This is incorrect. These people were not locals. Locals are someone who has lived here for at least 10 years and who care about the community. These people were nothing but individuals who take advantage of our country. The morale of the story is you hire Americans, pay them a decent wage, instill values in our community, and quit trying to cut costs. It’s really a shame that we have to import all kinds of workers when we have plenty of people willing to work in this country. But wait, we won’t work for nothing, will we? You get what you pay for.Don’t cost that muchI’m an Eagle County resident who is currently having a barn built. It’s costing me $50,000. I bet they could double the size of it, it’s already large, but they could double the size of it for $100,000 and be well under $2 million. They’d still have, what, a million-eight to work with?Struck a nerveI wholeheartedly agree with Don Rogers. That’s in Thursday, March 24, “Tide short of overwhelming.” Eleven million immigrants taking U.S. jobs. I definitely think we need them. We need every single one of them, and we need an Eastern European or maybe an East Asian to come in and take Don Rogers’ job for half the price so he can go on welfare and maybe his kids can go without clothes. We need more people like that. They’d be doctors, cops, lawyers, judges. Just look at the money that the Australian and New Zealand bank robbers brought into the police, FBI and the rest of the feds. Look at all those people’s time they consumed. That’s making a profit. Vail, Colorado

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