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Liked her

It’s really sad to see Nicole Magistro leave the town of Minturn. She did a great job for us and was always happy and cheerful, and always had a positive and nice thing to say, even working under the conditions that she’s got to work under. Hopefully, she’ll prosper in her new job and will be happy. We’ll miss you, Nicole. Minturn needs a lot more people like you working for their government.

Too pricey

How much more private do you want to get than $77 a day for lift tickets? Skiing is the only sport we have left that’s still not on public land and is therefore a public sport. To turn skiing into a country club sport, well that would be like ruining the valley by putting all these golf courses in. Grow up, deal with the public. They’re the only reason that ski times still exist. …


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With all the negative tips out there, I thought it might be nice to leave a nice one. My name is Karen Carter, and I live in Avon, and I wanted to say thank you to Jeff, the manager at City Market, for actually returning something that he didn’t need to and giving me a gift card. City Market is a great store, and people like Jeff make it great.

Good riddance

The best thing about Mr. Ginn’s private ski club in Minturn is the rest of us won’t have to deal with those people that consider themselves too good to ski with the public. And by the way, there are plenty of responsible local skiers and boarders. Not all of us are hot dogs and racers that steal equipment. Since I don’t board, I can’t speak for them. However, I am sure they too will welcome one less “I’m too good for public skiing” person on the slopes.

Not enough hands

Here’s a math problem for you. If you are driving and you have a cigarette in one hand and a cell phone in the other, how many hands are left to drive the car?

Feeling proud

I just read in the paper about the new hospice quality room from the Friends of Maxine Miller Fund and I think it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing that this community has gathered around and done something positive. It shows you the strength of groups and people who can do things and are doing it. I feel really proud of these girls and I know who they are and its just wonderful. Keep it up, girls.

No babysitting here

We are the card players at the senior center and we do not do baby sitting, because there are no young children. I don’t know who has called on this, but they’re the ones that should get a grip, because all the seniors have fun at the card playing after lunch.

Vail Colorado

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