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Just a trickChanging the name of Avon Elementary. That’ll make the school a lot more attractive. How is that going to make it from an average rated school by state standards to highly rated like Meadow Mountain is? Yeah, changing the name, you can trick people that way.Scapegoating staffWe can only imagine what’s going to happen to our beautiful little town of Minturn. I think the town of Minturn residents should look back on all their town managers, and notice that nothing has changed. It’s the same old town, business as usual. There needs to be changes in that town government for us to go forward. Every town manager we’ve had has done nothing but to make their resume seem a little brighter. So as we fill up the town of Minturn’s egos, our town’s coffers diminish, and qualify of life diminishes.Have to earn itThis is in response to the people calling in about not getting enough tips. Maybe they should look in the mirror and say, “Does the quality of my service deserve a tip or do I have a job that needs to add a tip?” Sometimes if you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve a tip. Maybe you should think about that in the future and give better customer service.Cop in each bankJust a simple observation. Police cars everywhere every night on every highway giving out DUI’s, giving out speeding tickets. Everyone that lives in Vail knows, no cops in Vail anywhere during the day. Gee, I wonder why there was a robbery at the bank. Snowing, no cops around. Gee, surprised there aren’t more. Maybe it’s time they stopped putting the police on the roads at night giving locals tickets and be there to help protect the locals during the day so that we don’t have any more bank robberies. Just an idle comment.Slow downThis is to the jerk in the bright yellow Hummer who completely drove me off of the road last Thursday on Metcalf road. The cops know who you are and I hope they catch you before you kill somebody. You drive like a maniac around Wildridge and we’re sick of it. Please slow down and stop crossing over the double yellow line.White criminalsImagine the racist vitriol that would have come out if the bank robbers had been Mexican, but I guess we can overlook it because they were just nice Kiwis and Aussies.Please callAll you Comcast customers out there. If you have a problem, you need to call Comcast right away. … They seem oblivious when I have a complaint. So please call, call, call because they are not perfect, perfect, perfect, and they will listen, listen, listen. Seniors firstCommissioners, where did you find the money to build your stock barn? There is hardly a place left in Eagle for a cow to graze or horses to be boarded. Choose the seniors instead. Or maybe you could find a place for all of us people who have been moved out of Berry Creek Ranch to board our horses and make a public facility for all of us to join in and have fun with. Seniors come first. Stinging criticTuesday’s Vail Daily has a headline, “Bug count declines in Vail.” I guess Matt Zalaznick is on vacation.Vail, Colorado

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