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Raw fearI am a woman who has never fired a gun. In fact, I’ve never held or examined one. The ability to determine whether a weapon is or is not a real threat is not derived from bank teller training. That’s where the police come in. I was one of the tellers held up recently in Vail Village. I wasn’t thinking to ask, “Hey, Mr. Bank Robber, is that a REAL gun?” Even if the two of us had been big, tough guys who suspected the robbers had fakes, do you really think we’d risk our lives to find out? I am shocked that so many people who ask me about what happened say (with a smile or a chuckle), “You know, they were just BB guns.” I feel much better now knowing that’s what they actually were. However, what I experienced at the time was the rawest form of fear there is! For those of you who have offerred condolences and simply said, “You must have been so scared,” thank you. And for the ignorant population, here’s what I was thinking instead of if it was a real gun: There is a gun pressed to my head. Will I be OK in 10 seconds, 20 seconds, a minute from now? Please don’t let anyone walk into the bank or there could be a hostage. Are they going to hurt my co-worker out there? I suddenly can’t remember how to open the vault! Will my brains be splattered across the walls after they get the money? Former WestStar Bank Employee, Vail.Vail, Colorado

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