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They’re the bestI’m a local who’s calling to say thank you to the wonderful ticket scanners at the Eagle Bahn gondola in Lionshead. Sean Ferrin, a wonderful young man who helped my parents and me with our little baby and the stroller, getting on to the gondola, they were just the nicest guys you could possibly imagine, carrying our stroller over the snow. My name is Nicole Dewell. Thanks to these wonderful young lift operators and ticket checkers. They’re the best. No moreAfter getting back into town from a state where people speak English, not this state, I get to read M.Z.’s “Imagine the outcry.” Listen pal, we don’t need any more immigrants until our economy is stable. I’d like Raji, from eastern Afghanistan, to come take your public forum … and put you on unemployment line. I’m sure Raji can do just as good a job as you, and/or better, at half the price. … We don’t need any more immigrants, legal, illegal, it doesn’t matter. White, blue, purple, forget about it.Never enoughAnother great letter by Otto Wiest, “Rethinking Vail,” on Sunday, April 3. Otto mentions customer service for which this country is famous. Where is it in Vail? Otto, nowadays they teach us how to take a smile class to get our ski pass and charge us to join Kaye Ferry’s group and then charge us for the class, which raises over $100,000 for who? No local in this community can come in and buy a house or land for what the wages go for. People have to work two and three jobs, which I did years ago. The town isn’t the same. All the locals have moved to different states. mostly two or three, where people speak English, because of all the undocumented workers and documented workers, and even the documented workers can’t even make enough money, they have to go rob banks to support themselves. So, we should thank God that we’re not in Iraq, and that we have another day to ski. As we get older, the only think you can do is bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. Keep your letters coming. They’re great.Come backThat was a great letter by Bill Sepmeier on Friday, “Minturn beware.” We have never had a good town manager except for Richard Dangler, and when you ask your town planner questions about a law that Minturn needs to enforce so desperately and heavily and he says to you four times, I’m not sure, I’m not sure of anything that goes on with the town. The only thing that went on was the nicest person in the office has left to start her own book store. So Dick Dangler, we wish you were back in Minturn. You don’t need to work for the federal government. We could use you here.That time againNow that spring is here, it’s very unpleasant to walk along Deer Boulevard, dogs have so fouled the areas next to the street. To those who don’t pick up after your dog and to those who open the door and let your dog run loose, shame on you. You know who you are, and you just don’t have any pride. I wonder if the inside of your house reflects your attitude toward the cleanliness of the neighborhood.A listI’m calling in response to the person that thinks Snoop Dogg is a bad role model. Well, the reason he’s getting publicity because he’s the only A-list act I’ve seen up here in the last two years I’ve lived here, and although he’s black which I know scares a lot of people up here, he’s a great performer. He’s been doing it for 20 years, and he’s an all-time great. Anyway, I never heard of him allegedly raping anyone, like Kobe Bryant, or allegedly molesting them, like Michael Jackson. So why were those two names got thrown out there? I don’t know. Anyway, yeah, he smokes pot, but so does everyone else here. Later.Careful, nowIt’s springtime. Please, let’s slow down, watch out for children, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. If you’ve looked once or twice, please look again.Poor citizensI’m just watching the story right now about Arizona and the vigilantes trying to take care of the border, and I find that interesting, because in the story in yesterday’s paper, the Vail Daily retracted for their mock letters. But on my part, I really like the immigrants. They have something to offer, they’re very friendly. It’s just that when you pay your tax dollars and you think that Social Security check is going to be there for you, why do they tell you when you’re sitting there and you can’t work? Our government looks at these people and says yes, we may hand out to you. But to the taxpayer they say no, sorry, unless you’re really needy, we can’t. Therein lies the difference.Keep scheduleThe town of Vail doesn’t mind charging exorbitant sales taxes and dedicating hundreds of thousands of dollars to open spaces, but they can’t seem to bring themselves to run the normal bus schedule for just two more weeks for us poor working stiffs who have to ride the bus to get to work to make the town of Vail function. Please bring the bus schedule back to the normal every 15 minutes for east and west Vail for just two more weeks. Thanks, town of Vail.Great celebrationI’d like to thank all the people that attended this year’s Ravino’s party. Great job. Way to keep it a secret, and thanks to all the new inductees. We had a great time. Lots of air. Lots of fun. Keep it quiet, way to clean up all the trash on Vail Mountain, and you could tell that no one’s ever been there. Great job, Vail Valley.That can’t be rightI was wondering if there was a misquote in the Tuesday story concerning the Vail conference center. the Daily quoted Rob Levine as saying that if the conference center was losing money, we could simply shutter the doors. This is a conference center that with interest and construction costs will total $93 million. I was wondering if he truly said that we would just close the door and walk away from this, or if it was in fact a misquote. NepotismThis is a tip for wonderful investigative reporter Cliff Thompson at the Vail Daily. Check out the nepotism in hiring practices at Eagle Valley Middle School. Our district’s administration obviously does not care about kids. The people at the district office need to grow a spine. Stinky creekBeaver Creek needs to clean up their sewer creek running down behind the little park just east of the park. There’s a little creek that runs down runs into Beaver Creek, it’s been stinking like sewer all winter long. It’s particularly bad now. We have called Beaver Creek about it, they refuse to do anything, and so EPA has been notified. We love kids The card playing ladies at the Eagle Senior Citizen Center did not call in a complaint; 99 percent of the seniors enjoy the company of young people. The poor disgruntled, trouble-making, unhappy soul who doesn’t should get a life. We are saddened that a child was hurt by one mean-spirited person. When having fun becomes illegal, God help us all.Always two sidesI just wanted to remind people that in a small town the size of Vail that there are always two sides to every story.Eating their youngIt appeared in the latest Eagle County Commission meeting that the hand-picked assessor that the Republican Party put in office last year has fallen on hard times with the party leaders. The self-anointed king of the party (a certain county commissioner) gave the assessor a real dressing down. Apparently when they run out of Democrats to denigrate, they have to start looking closer to home.Standard tipThe local waitress that wrote the other day about the tipping averages was pretty silly about the average going up. But what she is right about is that it’s a minimum of 15 percent for satisfactory service and if you can’t afford the tip to go along with the bill, then don’t go out to eat.Vail, Colorado

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