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I’m a mother in her 50s who remembers the civil defense practices and warning sirens always going off for rehearsals in the “60s in the duck and cover practices in our schools. I remember always looking up for missiles coming from Cuba when I was 8 years old, and my family rehearsing in our fallout shelters. We were ready. At least we slept easier at night. I’m not saying we didn’t suffer a little from paranoia then and in our later years. But come on, let’s be prepared. My question is aimed at town and county managers, leaders, commissioners. We as a county here don’t have a plan for schools and businesses with regards for civil defense. The new town hall in Eagle doesn’t even have what in the “60s were fallout shelters. There’s an old siren on top of the old town hall in Eagle that probably doesn’t even work. Civil defense measures should have taken place a long time ago, and they need to be put back into effect and rehearsed in all our schools and businesses area wide. I’m glad we think that duct tape and plastic are our only options. I’m very disappointed in our leaders with regards to this. People aren’t just afraid of our military who are young men going overseas in droves, but we have our families at home to protect and we need some major participation from county and local Eagle County leaders. We’re not ready at home. Come on, talk to us.

Read and react

I was just responding to some of the Tipsline items for Feb. 12, the guy that says, “Don’t want it.” Health is a necessity and the government should promote its well being. I’m sorry some folks have been endowed with enough money to pay for that private membership, but remember not all of us are well off and we would love to join that private gym, or better yet, be able to afford enough room up here to put in an indoor gym. I’m just not that fortunate. … And for the snow park article, they don’t need marked guys out there. It’s already marked expert terrain, has a separate yellow sign that says look before you jump, meaning ride down the run once, come back and hit the second time. You get hurt? It’s your fault for biting off more than you can chew. Deal with it. If all idiots had a sign, again, we’d be fine. But they don’t. It’s just Darwinism at it’s finest. And for the folks complaining about the immigrants, until you’re willing to take a job for $5.15 an hour, you can’t really complain because it all balances out in the end. That $3,000 credit they get, that just makes up and gets them to $6.15 an hour. Get over it.

Heaving stones

I think the sheriff’s deputy that left Minturn at around 2:30 on Wednesday that went right around that boulder in the middle of the road should not get collect his paycheck for that day and maybe get a week’s suspension. As far as I’m concerned you people are to protect and serve which is not happening in Eagle County. I went back through Minturn at 4:30. The boulder was still there. I came back at 7:30 and it was gone. Amen. And I think it was a CDOT truck that picked it up, just prior to me coming back to that town, or through that town. You people know how to harass high school kids and get drug dogs on them for no reason in the world, and you know how to cuff people that smell like alcohol but aren’t drinking. OK, it’s time there’s a little accountability. Your job is to protect and serve, not harass.

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