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A good moveThis call is in regards to the ridiculous controversy about the recent hiring of Robin Santoro for the counseling position at Eagle Valley Middle School. The Board of Education followed due process in approving this hire. All procedural steps for hiring her in that building were followed to the tee. Though there have been some comments in the paper about not hiring Mrs. Santoro, she’s a noble candidate for the position. She has led the counseling division of ECSD, which represents all buildings, when others have shunned the work needed for this leadership. Personally, every time I have voiced concerns about my child, she has been there to offer sincere support, guidance, and patient understanding of the daily demands of parents. She brings to the middle school her experience as a counselor, her knowledge of being a parent herself, her professional behavior and commitment to the community of Eagle. The citizens that are complaining about this appointment have little understanding about the demands of a middle school counselor. A background rich in experience is highly needed. The decision has been criticized because of a husband and wife working in the same building, yet throughout the history of Eagle County schools there have been couples working together in our schools for a long time. … Come on. Why is it wrong for someone to work in a building that has experience in dealing with death, divorce, drugs, and listens and deeply understands the parents of the community. Let’s not let a few angry individuals challenge decisions that the ECSD board has already made. Let’s hope the board of education has the strength and resolve to stick with their well-thought-out, thorough decision. Just say noAre we residents of Edwards living in a democracy or a dictatorship, with the Vail Valley Foundation as our dictator? History has shown us that anyone who uses their power as the Vail Valley Foundation has done does not have our best interests at heart, but rather their own. Who are they to tell me that they are acting for the good of all? I don’t know about you, but as a resident of Eagle County, the Vail Valley and Edwards, I never asked them to make decisions, or more importantly, spend money on my behalf. The vote on Homestead was 4-3. Yes, in a democracy the majority does win, but note that that vote wasn’t 7-0. This issue doesn’t seem to be about urban space anymore. Rather it’s about winning or losing. The Vail Valley Foundation has yet to resort to coercion or intimidation, but the overt pressure that they have been applying since the beginning is frightening. Not only do they want our tax dollars diverted to them for their cause, but now they want part of our homeowners dues as well. Before more votes are taken, we all need to stand up and just say no to them right now. There has been a popular expression around for some years to adjust things that are bad for us. Just say no. I urge you, just say no to the Vail Valley Foundation.One philosophyHello Tipsline. I’ve really enjoyed this bit of your paper, it’s the best bit by far, but I want to address something that so far hasn’t been addressed. And that is that despite all the religious maniacs who call in, there is no God, and I know that some of you people out there are thinking, how can I hate people who are different from me and not feel bad about myself if there is no God, and I’m saying well, maybe you’re going to have to give that up. Religion, belief in God, Christianity, has always been an excuse for hate, an excuse for intolerance. That is also totally irrational and unreasonable. All you have to do is look around at the world and imagine for a moment that there is no, and never has been, any religion, any God, and it makes the world a much more wonderful place. It makes the world more amazing and more beautiful. …Just say noMinturn, I’m calling to remind you to vote next week. The water board that took our water now wants to be voted to be on the board forever, so we need to send them a message. Let’s get out and vote and tell them no. We’ve had enough of them taking our water and now we don’t want Arn Menconi from the county commissioners taking our land, too, since he’s on the water board.Could happen hereI’m lucky enough to go to bed with my family tonight, but let’s pass some bills here along with Florida that stops these creeps, these predators, from taking our children, because if you don’t believe it can happen here, wake up and smell the coffee. It can happen anywhere, anytime. Let’s pass some bills. …Bus complaintsWow. People are finally speaking out about ECO Transit and that minority of ECO drivers who drive like crap and have gotten away with it for years. One example. I worked out of Beaver Creek this season, and there’s one bus driver who repeatedly insists on driving the sidewalk right at the East Lot bus shelter and making everyone get out of his way. He’s the only driver I’ve seen do that, and repeatedly. I believe it’s illegal. I’m the guy who called earlier this year about a reckless and speeding Beaver Creek Express driver who nearly took out a car in the roundabout on Christmas day. ECO Transit policies and practices for driver training and safety are abysmal. I have started talking to some of the old-time drivers, and other transit authorities and they concur. There is no monitoring of the drivers by spotters or anything. This is unheard of. There used to be, in the pre-ECO days. How come ECO Transit isn’t professional and safe like real transit authorities, and a significant number of veteran drivers, that is ECO drivers, agree. …Why?As one of the working locals who got totally screwed by the bus schedule changes weeks before the mountain closed, I’d like to pose the following question. Why did you do this to us? Why do you keep telling us how great the bus system is here? If you guys can’t manage or plan your budgets well enough to accommodate the local businesses and their employees in this very large county until the end of the ski season, what are you doing in your positions? I think I have part of the answer. Total indifference. …Take the busThis is in regards to the Vail hitchhikers around town that we’ve noticed on the exit ramp. I don’t understand why they are not using the free or discounted bus service, and it’s frustrating to see people trying to catch rides in our community. So get your butt to the transportation center and haul yourself a ride there. Save this areaSave the Lake Creek view corridor. Isn’t the Fred Green property, the Palmerosa, and the Calhoun property more meaningful to all of us than Bair Ranch? Where is the county money, the Vail Valley Foundation money, and the Eagle Valley Land Trust to preserve this incredibly beautiful property? To these landowners, and to the county commissioners, we’d say do your job, so that you have no regrets 10 years from now. Please don’t allow this corridor to be up-zoned and built out on. Challenge valueTip to save some money. You have received, or soon will receive a new property value from the assessor. If you challenge the value, your tax bill could be lowered by 15 percent or more. The process is simple and free. Write in, or even better go to the Assessor’s Office and challenge the assigned value. If the assessor does not lower the value, challenge at the next level, the Board of County Commissioners. If the county board does not lower the value, challenge at the next level, the state Board of Appeals. The entire process costs nothing, and will almost certainly result in a lower value and therefore a lower tax bill.AwesomeForget all you whiners and your silly politics for a minute, Tipsliners. Did anybody see this local guy, Mike G., on the guitar at the Sandbar open mike last Monday? Phenomenal. I thought I was listening to Eric Johnson. You got itI just wanted to say the person that wrote “I love the deer here.” What a great response to the person who made the stupid remark a week or so ago about getting rid of the deer, so I would like you to do more on that. I mean this person hit the nail on the head. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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