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Thank you!Thanks to Mike and Annette from Steve for finding my keys and returning them to the trailhead. I wish they’d left a last name. Thank you.Oh, grossAs I’m volunteering my time to clean up trash from the highway, I came across from Interlochen Condos well over 200 feces from dogs. All you people should be fined, sent to jail, and have your pets taken away from you because you cannot responsibly be a dog owner. That is wrong. It’s in our water. Gross.Don’t blame usThis is DJ T-Bone. … I’d just like to say that it wasn’t the people that are into hip hop and it wasn’t Snoop Dogg’s fault for how badly the show went. People that are into hip hop know how to handle themselves at shows. The people that caused the problems were the promoters, who … didn’t have enough security, enough porta potties. The other people were (the alcohol sponsors) and the bartenders for over-serving everyone, because there were a lot of wasted people at that show. And the other people to blame are the security guards and the police who were basically just trying to cause trouble and beat people up instead of trying to keep everyone safe. … Vail, Colorado

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