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Blame it on TAPThe state released results for the 2005 third grade CSAP reading exam. The Eagle County School District fell from a 78 percent pass rate in 2004 to a 74 percent pass rate for 2005. Almost one-third of our third-graders are not proficient in reading. I thought TAP was supposed to increase achievement. John Brendza also assured us four years ago that TAP was to expand the supply of high quality educators. In fact, this was one of the five branches of TAP proudly proclaimed by slick TAP brochures and power points. It was interesting to discover while perusing the 2003-04 school accountability reports that of our 16 building principals, 12 of them have been with their building three or less years. Maybe that explains why the fifth branch of TAP, expanding the supply of quality educators, is no longer mentioned here in Eagle County. Yep, that’s itI am the Tipsliner who talked about the apparent Republican act of “Eating their young” and I would like to respond to Barbara Bunner’s letter to the editor where she opined that I had “missed the point.” I think not. Barbara is correct in her observations regarding the current assessor, and I wholeheartedly agree that Tom Stone correctly asked the hard questions. There is no dispute of fact here. But the point that Ms. Bunner missed is that the local GOP hand-picked the current assessor to be the heir apparent to the officer after they chased out the last Republican who occupied the position. My point was this: The Grand Old Party decided they did not like the way Jody was handling their property taxes and staged an ouster to get rid of her at the caucus level, put Joyce in there to give them what they wanted, and then got a case of buyer’s remorse when Joyce did not seem to fulfill all their dreams. I stand pat. They eat their young.Weather’s no factorOne of these days you’ll get the headline right. “Weather leads to accidents.” Weather doesn’t lead to accidents. Morons and inconsiderate, aggressive drivers lead to accidents. A victimIn regards to “I haven’t seen” your Tipsline, the school board has been making truly uninformed decisions for years. Three years ago, many teachers, parents and community members pleaded against the Teacher Advancement Program. The school board decided for themselves the best course of action for our community’s children. Now you parents understand that ECSD has their own agenda. Teachers’ and parents’ opinions will be ignored and invalidated, and they will have to live with the decision that has already been made for the community. Welcome to the shoes of an ECSD teacher.This is reality?No decent-thinking person would respond to my opinion for the cowardly Tipsline comment using elementary school level sophistry. No such person would try to pass off as fact a demented, ignorant and plainly wrong belief that most university teachers are socialists and Marxists. If you’d rather have a McCarthy purge of all liberals in the educational system, which is exactly what was being called for in the article that I responded to, be my guest. Just be sure to add your name to a long line of other people and events that called for purges of liberals and intellectuals, like McCarthy and the red scare, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, the red guards of the Chinese cultural revolution, which was remarkably similar to the culture war called upon by the far right in America, Josef Stalin’s purges and penis-shaved mass murderers in Chile. I think you, sir, are the one suffering from a superficial and juvenile understanding of politics and reality, as evidenced by your weak, cowardly, anonymous rebuttal, and I’m not afraid to say that and sign my name to it. Patrick Cassidy.Vail, Colorado

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