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Long waitsThis is a message for the man who thinks all the hitchhikers in Vail should take the bus. We probably would, if it wasn’t every two hours this time of year. In regards to the cheap or discounted bus, I don’t see any discount for the middle of winter.Just not wiseOh come on. It’s not a question of Ms. Santoro’s qualifications. It’s about the ill-advised practice of allowing a husband to supervise his wife. I don’t think there are other situations in our schools where this is the case. Any business person understands that this is a bad idea. Spouses may work in the same school, but they are peers. One is not subordinate to the other. The fact that Ms. Santoro will be subordinate to Mr. Santoro raises many potential issues. What if Ms. Santoro, or Mr. Santoro for that matter, do something in their roles that the other deems improper or incomplete. Do you think a husband will discipline his wife? Or that his wife will inform the authorities of her husband’s breaches of policy? I don’t think so. And then there’s the issue of perceived favoritism. There isn’t any doubt that the staff at the middle school will have occasion to believe that Ms. Santoro is receiving favorable treatment, and this can only lead to deterioration of staff morale. The decision, whoever made it or supported it, is simply a bad one. The school district needs to work, as any business does, to retain the respect of its parents and taxpayers. If they are willing to use bad judgment in this important decision, it makes me wonder if I should trust their judgment with other important issues. This comment is not from one of the regular critics of Eagle Valley Middle School, and I can tell you that it is a widely held opinion. Wake up, school district, and do the right thing. Where’s John Brendza on all this? I’m surprised at his lack of wisdom.Good workI just want to say that CDOT has done an awesome job this year on Highway 24 keeping it clear of ice and snow, even during this last storm, and now that all the rocks are falling they’re doing a great job removing all the rocks. They come up and work every day and if there’s ever any there they always stop and clean up the side of the road. So good job you guys. Your job is tough. Thanks for doing a good one.Open space opI’m calling regarding the Red Mountain Ranch development, and it strikes me that with the majority of that property smack dab between I-70 and Highway 6, bordered by private on both ends that’s not highway, that if that gets developed it can’t be a huge, bad thing. The problem is that what I see is a whole lot of very usable property on the river where here’s a place where they can actually spend open space money finally that’s going to provide recreational opportunities for all the county. It’s going to be visible from both of the main highways through the county, and that this is actually one of the best opportunities they’ve had to acquire a piece of property that they can actually use for public access and green space. I’d really like to see somebody from the open space committee step up and start lobbying for how much they want for the riverfront property. … Gang talkThis message is for all those middle school teachers who are labeling students as gangsters. Unless you know what a gangster is, or unless you are sure this person is in a gang, just keep your mouth shut, because really, if they were in a gang, you wouldn’t even be labeling them as gangsters.Stick to the pathAll you bikers and skateboarders using the south frontage road through Intermountain, please use the bike path. There’s a reason why the bike path is there. Everyone heading westbound using the main street is encouraged to use the bike path. It saves a lot of hassle and will allow more room on the road for everybody. Single file, pleaseI know it’s road biking season and I’m a road biker, but please, road bikers, ride single file. I’m on Highway 6, I’m behind two girls who are in the middle of the road, and it gives us all a really bad rap, so let’s all try and ride single file. Outside missionWho died and put … the Vail Valley Foundation in charge of Eagle County land use decisions?Not all calls printedI have a question. I was wondering why the Tipsline is biased and one-sided to the Eagle County School District. They put in calls against the kids and then they don’t print calls in rebuttal, and it’s really disturbing to me. I thought the Vail Daily was fair, and now I’m looking at it from the viewpoint of they only are about protecting the school district and don’t let any bad news out and keep it all under cover, and I think that’s a shame.Editor’s note: Tipsline, like other features in the paper, is edited for potentially libelous remarks. In the case of the high school students involved in the altercation with educators, no charges were filed against the teachers after law enforcement officers investigated. The boys, however, do face charges, which will be heard in court. The Daily has published letters and Tipsline calls that were critical of the educators yet did not cross that legal line, including a very critical letter from one of the boys’ parents. The caller is correct. We don’t print every Tipsline call. Still feeling postalThis is a tip for everybody out there who is forced to use the ever so wonderful Avon Post Office. Just found out they have a new postmaster. He’s been there for two weeks. So please, everybody, call in with your gripes and complaints about your poor service, and mail getting in the wrong boxes and whatnot. He seems to think he can fix it this time after all these years. TAP’s to blameMr. Green, you really don’t need to ask the school district office why there is a 4 percent drop from last year’s third-grade CSAP scores to this year’s, as in the headlines of today’s paper. I can give you a three letter clue, T-A-P. The school district’s biggest reason for implementing TAP was to increase student achievement, and yet our CSAP scores continue to drop. They will continue to drop as long as our school district is connected to TAP. How many more years do our children and teachers have to be TAP guinea pigs for Mr. Brendza and his school experiment. The teachers are negatively affected by TAP, but it is our children who are the biggest losers. Mr. Brendza needs to step down, or the teachers and school board need to do a vote of no confidence so we can start educating our students in this school district with our tax dollars. I know it would be hard to drop TAP now, but wouldn’t it be wiser now, rather than wasting more time and money. TAP, and Mr. Brendza, need to go, before we lose more great teachers and students to the private schools, home schooling, and to the charter. Editor’s note: So do you credit TAP in turn for the general trend of increases in most student scores over the past couple of years? Just a question.Vail, Colorado

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