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Well let’s hear it for the hypocrites at CDOT for their lies about mag chloride. At their yard in Eagle-Vail they just removed four big pine trees from Route 6 right near their driveway that weren’t actually dead; it’s just that all their branches had mysteriously turned brown. When I asked about them, they just laughed and said it must be because of the drought. Duh!

The system

This is in response to the very “intelligent” person who wrote that she thinks it’s fine for the Mexican immigrants to live off our system. Does she see the high cost of insurance these days? Yet we struggle to pay it so we can probably go into a hospital or clinic to say we do have insurance.

A lot of our high cost of insurance is due to the fact that our government gives out so much, so who pays? Us, the American citizens. We do not have to wear a T-shirt that says “born in the USA,” but we do not go around saying “no comprendo” and use it to our benefit. What gripes me is they can’t pay their hospital bills, but they can come out of the clinic or hospital and get into their brand new cars and fancy trucks and go into the nearest liquor store for their beer and tequila.

People like you and the moochers are what makes us dislike and disrespect immigrants. That they come here for a better life, fine. But don’t use us. Learn English, pay bills, pay taxes. We will all be better for it.

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Put out

Hopefully my tax dollars are going to get put to good use. They have a new advocate, and I don’t know why they put the word “Hispanic” because I have a lot of friends that are Hispanic and they are not going to need to use this lady, Allison Ahlert.

I hope she tells all these people that it’s illegal to come to the United States illegally, and it’s a felony and to please turn around and go home. And also, how about our identification in Edwards? How many sets of different identification do you think some of these people are going to get?

If only immigration had a couple of train cars there ready just to take them back, it would definitely open up a lot of jobs for all my friends and me. I’m sorry the way this community has landed. It’s very tragic, our country’s going down hard.

All God’s children

I would like to make a comment on the St. Patrick’s Church part-time parishioner’s letter saying that Jack Van Ens is an uninformed hate monger lacking in Christ’s love for his fellow man? That’s absolutely absurd. Nobody’s beggar is better than anybody else’s beggar. We are all God’s children. God made us all. I just wish everybody would get along. How does the Catholic Church treat you? What do they teach you in there? That’s terrible.

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