For Don Rogers to pompously pin the dim disco column with a pretty ignorant call that style obnoxious and a style that was not any good was to dismiss a genre in American music in which he must not have taken part in or didn’t have the balls to ask any girls to dance. Sure, I loved Jimi Hendrix and Savoy Brown and It’s a Beautiful Day. Even liked Petula Clark with Downtown, but can you say just because that music was good that it wasn’t right? What you have to understand is the greatest generation had missed had they had to play anguish to the Beatles and even though psychedelic music wasn’t to their liking, disco fever brought the whole nation to the dance floor again. A lot of times girls don’t like to dance to that psychedelic stuff, but you can get them dancing when it came time to disco and it brought a whole new flavor to America. He’s missing a lot of beats there. Maybe he was too tired from fighting fires and surfing in Hawaii to have the gumption or the energy to get up there. I wonder what instrument he plays. What notes can he bring to the market? Don, get a grip. It’s really all right. I think you’ll like it if you can deal with it.

So what is it?

This is Sue Rychel. I am reading the Vail Daily and I read the article about the Jet Center, and all through the article it refers to FBO, FBO, and there’s no explanation, does it mean “fringe benefits operation”? Please let me know.

Editor’s note: Sorry. Fixed Base Operation. Hey, that’s what they call it.

If you own an Audi

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This is not really intended as a tip for Tipsline in the paper, but more as a lead in case you guys haven’t come across it already, there was an article in the New York Times in early February, end of January, I’m not sure of the exact date, about ignition coil failures in 2001-02 model Audi, two specific engines and most of the VW models. What I’ve seen so far in trying to deal with the situation is it’s become one of the larger cover-ups in the auto industry of a potentially life threatening situation. If your engine stops in heavy highway traffic, it’s definitely potentially life-threatening. Anyway I thought maybe one of your reporters might want to pick up on that if you haven’t already.

Two cents’ worth

If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? I think if you are so concerned about everybody’s safety in the terrain park, you should be the daily attendant standing out there in the cold. Then we’d see how concerned in fact you actually are. The bottom line, people must be responsible for themselves, and if they’re children then their parents need to be responsible for teaching them in the proper way.

I would also like to quickly address the opinions from “Why bother?” in today’s paper, Feb. 13. I completely agree with you, but if you can’t see that us white cracker folks are the ones that indeed need to learn Spanish, I don’t know what to tell you. Please wake up to the realization that white people soon in the future are going to be the minority.

Gotta be gouging

I’m calling in regards to today’s Sunday headline about our soaring gas prices. For starters, it’s all greed by the oil makers and producers and I don’t see why Eagle County’s gas is 20, 30, 40 or 50 cents higher than Summit County, and then in most cases, 40 or 50 cents higher than in Denver.

These people need to get looked into by whatever bureau governs the gas and get busted for gouging. It’s been like this forever, it’s disgusting and it’s greed, and you people should be shocked who keep our gas prices high here in Eagle County. You make it impossible for us to live.

Great job

I’d like to congratulate our Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for assisting the INS this Sunday. Hopefully our newspapers could write a little story about what a great job they did, and it just saved a lot of American jobs. Great job, INS. Great job, Eagle County sheriff. And of all days for it to happen, on a Sunday. Yes, there is a God, and God bless you all.

Why the perks?

I’m calling to voice some facts that I not so recently learned and ask some questions I hope somebody might be able to answer. First the facts. Number 1. Majority of Mexicans feel that the southwestern United States, which was won in war, belongs to them. 2. Their leaders encourage immigration to the United States and for them to start families here. 3. Many wait to have their children here who become automatic citizens and have free health care and education on our dime. 4. The parents of children born in this country automatically get green cards. 5. Many that are legal with green cards still do not pay taxes by way of claiming their whole extended family back in Mexico for deductions, as well as their families here in the United States. 6. Most receive benefits easily that are at best difficult for US citizens to get. That’s the facts, now the questions. 1. Why aren’t illegal immigrant criminals deported instead of kept in our jails on our dime. 2. Why can’t I afford medical insurance while many illegal immigrants and their US citizen children get state funded insurance? 3. Why can’t some citizens get jobs now and others are taking pay cuts due to being undercut by skilled immigrant labor. 4. Where do our teen-agers work now that all the fast food restaurants employ Mexicans? 5. Why do many citizens talk about this in private but not in public. In conclusion, I implore people to write or call in with explanation or arguments, but please, not to just point a finger at me or a few others to justify the actions of millions as did the person in the language barriers article of Tipsline Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Not just faculty

OK, bozos, once again you keep saying that 3D is for the teachers, and it’s not. It’s for all the district employees, not just for teachers. Could you guys please fix that? Thank you.

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