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Security?Let’s not hire the same security department we did as last time for the Snoop Dogg concert, because as we found out, everybody just rushed the gate, took it down, and everybody got in for free. So next time, as in when Culio comes to town, let’s think about hiring a different company.Must be racismIf I had a nickel for every time I got discriminated against, I would be a millionaire. … April 30, I stopped by the Vail Mountain School garage sale that was held at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion. I was looking for good bargains, just like anybody else, minding my own business, when a volunteer was harassing my brother. … So I tried talking to her to see what the problem was. She was such a coward. She denied it and would ignore me, walking way. I just wanted to ask her questions. So the purpose of this phone call is to ask her why she was harassing my brother. Was it because he was a Mexican American and he looks more Mexican than American? Maybe she thought he didn’t speak or understand English. I thought volunteers were supposed to have good hearts, not be a racist, but I guess there is nothing we can do for being discriminated against just because we look more Mexican than American. We read books about slavery, and Martin Luther King Jr., so you’d think America had come a long way since then, but I guess not. It’s sad to see racism in this beautiful Vail Valley.NopeThis is in response to “Snow dust” on Thursday. You say that snow dust is probably from off-road vehicles and stuff like that. I would say that you guys have pretty much eradicated the dirt bikes from this area, so it must be from home building. Take a look at that and maybe rethink your deal here.Enough alreadyI’m sitting here enjoying TV, and I’ve heard the last Levitra commercial I want to hear until I hear something about mammograms for women, I am tired of this erectile dysfunction garbage, when there are more important things going on. When they want to sponsor mammograms and put that on the air as often as they do these Levitra commercials, then we can talk. This is insane, and our kids don’t need to be exposed to it. Is it all about sex, sex, sex? Give me a break. Nice jobMatt Zalaznick, I enjoyed your editorial in today’s paper, and am glad you didn’t drone on forever about the Nazis and the Jews while completely ignoring Yugoslavia, the Darfur, the Hutus and the Tutsis. Thank you for that. I tend to like your editorials, FYI. You’re kind of a wise-ass smart mouth. I like that. The last thing I want to hear on Holocaust Remembrance Day is a complete blackout of any discussions about the current genocides happening around the world. Yeah 6 million Jews killed is real bad. I think Stalin killed what was it 18 million or 30 some million of his own people, too. Hitler killed a lot of Catholics, Gypsies, gays and other people besides Jews. Genocide is a terrible thing. We don’t want it to happen. But it is happening and has been happening plenty in the past few decades. It is happening now in Darfur, as you mentioned. Too bad they aren’t Jewish or have oil in Darfur. If the liberal activist judges were killing people in Darfur, well, then maybe we could do something. Cost risingEveryone should read the Tamara Miller article from the May 7 Vail Daily concerning the child-care facility cost and its continuing decline. Originally, there was budgeted a million dollars for the child-care center, and then another half a million dollars was added. Later, another $1.1 million was added, reaching a new value of $2.6 million to build a child-care center. Now we find that another $200,000 is required. I wonder how much of that total money is for the non-profit space on the second floor that the article says Commissioner Menconi wants and is part of the non-profit space designated for things that are near and dear to the commissioner’s heart, like SOS?Opening eyesI think the only reason why Matt Zalaznick’s working for the Vail Daily is because he opens up people’s eyes. I definitely agreed with him on his police story involving the wasting of their time and what they can do with their time to better help the citizens, but you are totally off base when you talk about Tom Sullivan. He’s one of our best council members we have ever seen. He got more votes than anyone else. There is no way he should step down. Menconi should step down, and Runyon should step down before Sullivan should step down. So what, he sold the inn, who cares? He’s honest and fair and objective, and he’s done a great service for our community. M.Z. needs to take a lot of his Vail Daily buddies and go on the front line in Iraq. If he should get hurt, I’m sure M.Z. should have plenty of ideas to ease the pain. At any rate, stay out of Minturn’s business. It’s just your opinion. You probably don’t even own any land in the county, and you probably came from California.Vail, Colorado

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