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Speak clearlyThis is Patrick Cassidy. I want to thank you for putting my Tipsline in the paper. There’s only one tiny little problem. You might want to check the spelling on the words that come before mass murderers in Chile. You put “penis shaved.” That would actually be the dictator of Chile, Pinochet. I think there’s a big difference between those two things and I’d really appreciate it if you pointed that out, so that would be great. Thank you.Typesetter’s note: Sorry! I’m only a typist, and sometimes you people talk so fast I can barely get every word, much less understand what you’re trying to say. Speak slowly, spell out names, and give me a break!That much?I can’t believe that to take a survey it costs $16,000. Are these guys on drugs? You can’t be serious, and what goods the survey going to do anyway? Everything goes in one ear and out the other in the town of Minturn.White man’s burdenMatt Zalaznick got upset about the lack of international response to the present genocide in Sudan and past atrocities in Ruwanda. He criticized the U.S. for failing to act, along with Britain, France and Germany. Note that all his targets are white. He ignored mention of what countries in sub-Sahara Africa should have done. After all, it is their neighborhood. Is Matt Zalaznick, like many leftists, a closet racist? Does he agree with Kipling about the white man’s burden? Did he decline to criticize countries like Nigeria, or South Africa, because he believes they are lesser breeds without the law?Doesn’t like itAvon, please stop the stupidity of trying to zip up Main Street in an established neighborhood. The only pedestrian area in the entire town of Avon works, you want to put a street in. Leave it alone. Yoder Lane is Main Street in Avon now. Remember your Town Council from five to 10 years ago? Leave west Avon alone. People like to walk around the park and into Avon Center without the congestion of another street full of cars.Wish listsI like the headline in the Vail Daily, “Minturn leaders make wish list for budget.” Well, the community’s making a wish list, and we’re praying for competent, community leaders. Like I said, we’re praying.Off-baseHeading, “Excuse me, Mr. Cohen.” I respect the fact that you are the executive director of the Vail Valley Economic Council, but I take great offense to your letter in Saturday’s Vail Daily regarding Red Mountain Ranch. Your take on retail in downtown Eagle is way off base. You don’t live in Eagle, you don’t have a retail business in Eagle, and yet you express a fatalist viewpoint regarding retail in downtown Eagle. Basically you say that downtown Eagle wouldn’t make it with or without Red Mountain Ranch. By your comment, “The argument to revitalize and promote downtown Eagle has emotional appeal but very little practicality. The existing buildings aren’t particularly conducive to retail.” How many other historic towns across Colorado and the country, for that matter, have you been in that have bustling downtowns and buildings just like Eagle. According to your viewpoint, I guess businesses in Eagle should just close their doors tomorrow. Not!Vail, Colorado

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