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Piling onI don’t always agree with Richard Carnes, but his Tuesday, May 10, commentary regarding religious zealotry was right on, and it should spice up the calls and letters to the paper. I am reminded of one of the ballsier comments ever made by a politician. That would be former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. “Religion is a crutch for weak-minded individuals.”Daily evidenceI just got finished reading Richard Carnes’ editorial regarding education. Vitriol is so much fun when you agree with it. As far as the open quotes, “intelligent design,” people go about refusing to see evolution because “no one was there to watch it happen.” I am a physician who has witnessed evolution in my clinical practice. Every time that we read in the newspaper about antibiotic resistant bacteria, we are seeing daily evidence of evolution in action. Bacteria share genes for resistance across species lines, and the overuse of antibiotics in treating patients, as well as in “treating” livestock with antibiotic waste feed, creates selective pressures, causing evolution to happen before our very eyes. Richard, keep up the good work. Get more CDsThis one’s going out to KZYR, the Zephyr, who seems to only have one CD from the sounds of it. All you guys pay is Jack Johnson and you play every song off of it within the hour. It’s a little too much. My tip is get some new CDs.Use the pathHere we go. It’s spring again. My two cents worth is about all the money that’s been put into bike paths throughout Eagle County by all the taxpayers. It’s really about time that we started enforcing and making sure that the Spandex spokeheads use them.Not for kidsI have a question for people who are out there providing young people under the age of 18 and 21 alcohol and hard drugs. I really cannot understand it. There are kids dying in this valley with needles in their arm. There are kids trying to kill themselves and succeeding in this valley who are on drugs and they are being provided by adults who should know better. I am so saddened by this, and I just want to know to the people who are out there providing these things to kids, what are you thinking? What are you thinking?Keep eyes openMy name is Eric Brown. I just have a tip, with the spring and summer seasons coming up real soon I’d just like to let all the locals be aware of the growing number of bicyclists that are going to be out there on the road and please be careful when you’re backing out of your driveway. I was almost hit a couple times cruising through Eagle-Vail, and I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the growing number of bicycles that are going to be out and about, so keep your eyes open. Please rethinkI’m calling in response to the Tipsline titled “Just not wise.” While I agree with the person that called this in, I’d like to take it a step further. It’s not just about a husband disappointing or not disappointing his wife, or about staff perceiving that one person is receiving favoritism. This is about families and the children who go to this school who have no recourse if they don’t agree with the counselor, or if they don’t like the way a situation is handled. There is no way as a parent that if I had an issue with something Ms. Santoro did or said that I would go to Mr. Santoro to complain. And I don’t understand why the school district doesn’t understand how threatening that feels to a parent, especially at a middle school where this type of counseling is so crucial at a time in a student’s age when they’re facing a lot of decisions. I’m not questioning Ms. Santoro’s qualifications. I’m questioning the wisdom behind hiring her to work for her husband. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s not in the best interest of our children, and it’s not in the best interest of our families, and I really want the school district to rethink this decision. Need a lawThis is to Alex Miller’s editorial, “Smoking bans on the march.” The reason, Alex, that we need a statewide ban on smoking is because the town of Vail, the town of Edwards, Minturn, Avon, none of them have the “you know what” to pass an ordinance to ban smoking. It’s dangerous for all the bartenders and waitresses. I ask you, just go down to … any night, when it’s packed, and you will walk out of there smelling like a cigarette. It’s disgusting. That’s why I don’t go there anymore. So that’s why we need an ordinance in the Town of Vail, and it has to be passed by the state, because the town of Vail will never pass it. Litter bugWho’s that little hottie? She must be a high schooler, but man, she is cute and she’s got that little gray Volkswagen, and gosh, she loves to throw her garbage out on the right-hand side. Would she call me and tell me who she is, because I’d walk through a mile of her garbage-litter to meet her. … She thinks it’s pretty cool to litter and her license plate, personalized, Hee hee, like it’s kind of funny to litter and have a personalized license plate.An optionI was just out perusing the Vail Daily once again. Their ads for the restaurants are now offering 50 percent off because it’s off season, but now they are tacking an 18 percent tip on the original price. Are these people insane or what? You know, tipping in this country is still an option. It’s not mandatory. Visit Europe. It’s not inclusive, and it’s your choice.A criticWhen will Michael Gallagher finally leave? He proclaims it’s health reasons for leaving the county commissioners. Well, his health reasons are why he left the town of Minturn. … Then he’s in the county commissioners. … He leaves because of health reasons. … Now he has a real job and he’s going to work? A fanMichael Gallagher will be working for Mr. Ginn, and that is the best news I have heard ever. Mike is an awesome person. Great character, couldn’t say enough about the guy. Great job by Ginn and Gallagher. Now I have no fears at all. That is the best thing to happen to Minturn in years.Vail, Colorado

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