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Head-scratcherLet me get this straight. At an open meeting, Tom Stone attacks Jack Ingstad. Jack Ingstad announces that he’s going to retire, he’s over it. Ingstad, Tom Stone, sort of disappears from the whole scene for about a week or two. Tom Stone attacks the county assessor the following week, but then comes back the next week with Jack Ingstad saying, “Guess what, it is the Democrats’ problem, and they were pushing Jack Ingstad out of office.” Now it seems to me that either Tom Stone is delusional or that he has a real big sense of his power or a twisted sense of what reality is. If this is the way the Republicans play when they lose, then gol dang it, Republicans, back up. Take a look at what’s going on, muzzle certain people like Tom Stone, and let the county do its work. Don’t build itAvon, please don’t build your main street between the Seasons Building and Avon Center. Anyone who lives on the west side of Avon does not want it. It’s a nice, quiet residential area right now, the only functioning pedestrian sidewalk in town. We don’t have to listen to the roar of traffic. Please do not build it.Harsh criticI just got done reading Kaye Ferry’s column on the conference center, and once again she proved how toxic and caustic she is to the Vail Valley. I talk to people, I’m a hotel sales manager in town, and talk to people on a weekly basis who hold large meetings in Keystone and would love to hold them in Vail, but we don’t have the space to do it. Those are primarily Colorado associations and Colorado government groups, and possibly Kaye doesn’t want them up here because of her quote in an article in the Denver Post last year when she practically alienated the whole Front Range. It’s not just about shoulder-season business, it’s about summer and winter time. The conference center is the only way we’re going to be able to make a mountain resort community available to larger groups that get stuck with going to the desert and the beach every year. If she did a little more research, she’d find that the conference center will be completely booked up when it opens, if only sales managers like me can start selling it now. …Can’t ride thereMy name is Mark. I read in your Tipsline (recently) something that highly offended me. It had to do with bicycles to stay on the bike path on the South Frontage Road. My bicycle weighs 15 pounds. When I’m going westbound, I’m doing at least 35-40 mph and I’m sure that someone walking side by side with their little dog or kid, I’m sure they would not appreciate me to be cutting them off, nor would I like their dog to run and be scared and have the leash go between their hand and that dog with me flying at 35-40 mph choking their dog to death, having their hand being ripped apart and then getting tangled up in my spokes. Does that make sense? Or am I just a normal person that drives like an automobile, like the rest of this town. Tennis, anyone?What would it take to get some public tennis courts in the valley here, including a separate backboard for practice. I think Berry Creek has enough of other activity areas and maybe they could find room to put in a couple tennis courts.All their faultI’d like to take this opportunity to commend the Eagle County commissioners, both past and present, on the dubious distinction of allowing Eagle County to become one of the Colorado metropolitan areas. Goodbye small town, hello big city. Thank you very much. Thanks for addressing all the issues that needed addressing, over crowding, lack of housing, illegal immigration problems, over development. We appreciate you catering to the developers instead of the people who live here. Once again, thank you very much, Eagle County commissioners, and by the way, you should change your sign outside of the county where it says “Eagle County is a smart growth county.” Well, it should be dumb growth county, as a matter of fact. And furthermore, where is a man like James Johnson when you need him. He wanted to propose a moratorium on building for a chance to get the infrastructure up and to build affordable housing for people who actually live here. …It’s propagandaThis is for Randy Galer. You ask how the school district makes decisions regarding where and when to build new schools. When the question of new schools comes up, do not look for useful studies. Look for developers wanting to increase the value of the property they need to sell. There were a number of people during the last bond election telling us the figures were distorted and wrong. The developers spent well over $100,000 in election propaganda to tell us it’s for the children. We bought it. This was all done with the approval and with the cooperation of the school district. And now the district tells they can’t afford the proper programs because there are not enough students in the schools to fund it. It was BS then and they will try it again this time. With respect to Pete Townsend, we won’t be fooled again. Regarding the school board and who is in charge there? Two words: teachers unions.Vail, Colorado

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