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Still SnoopingThis is in response to a “Tipsline” suggestion that the Vail Valley should hire better security the next time a big act comes to town. It seems someone was concerned the same hooligans who rushed the gate at the Snoop show may be inclined to do so when Coolio strolls in. I was holding a ticket for the Dogg show when I found myself in the middle of the initial gate blitzkrieg and wound up not having to use it (my ticket). I didn’t mind. It was Snoop-a-loop. Good times. If you honestly believe the same scenario may unfold when Coolio comes to town, then you are most wise master jedi. It’s Coolio, and as we all know he’s the hippest thing since Bo Jackson. In fact, instead of having a more heavily staffed and trained private sector security team, you guys should consider activating the national guard. …Hey, that’s usI’m watching the secretary of state of the U.S. on television. I’m so glad the Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is going to put an end to this religious persecution, favoritism, harassment, torture and inquisitional prostilization. It’s not representative of democracy in the U.S. Oh my, she’s talking about Iraq. I thought she was talking about our own U.S. Air Force Academy.A shameI’m just calling on the Snoop Dogg concert that everybody’s talking about. It is a bad thing that Vail brought the Snoop Dogg concert in, and I believe that Vail should be ashamed of himself, because bringing these kind of people into our town is very disgusting and we shouldn’t need anything like that coming into our town. This Snoop Dogg brings in a lot of gangsters, and that’s who all those people were. Do we want this kind of community? We’re trying to stop crime here. So I believe Vail did a wrong thing by bringing this concert in. It is ridiculous, and shame on all those people in our community who went there, because that was just a disgusting place for you to be as a community person and also to have kids there of all ages. It was a shame. Don’t be so proudAfter reading articles on trash and recycling, and hearing about how successful the recycling in Aspen is, look a little closer. The supporters are so busy patting themselves on the back and citing a reduction in the activity levels at the local Pitkin County Landfill. It is all garbage. Spend 20 minutes at the Eagle County Landfill and count the number of trucks dumping Aspen’s trash here. If the name on the truck is not a dead giveaway to the origin, then the prefix of the phone number listed on the truck is. The rubbish collectors have even gone so far as to design and build a nondescript, full-size semi-truck to bring the trash here. They look like an ordinary semi-rig, but have a hidden hydraulic mechanism inside to push the trash out, and not look like a trash truck. … Ticket to rideWhat is the Avon Town Council’s excuse for not having the Avon bus go to Wal-Mart? It’s within the boundaries, it’s a cash cow, and the development out there should have covered any cost of it. When one of us poor folks have to go buy $20 worth of groceries, it costs $6 to ride the ECO bus there and back, and City Market’s just too expensive. I’m sorry I voted the way I did in the last Avon election. I’m sorry I even wasted time voting. Low-income people, immigrants, handicapped and pedestrians have historically been non-entities, even despised by the town of Avon management.Did you skip those stories?I guess this story comes from Greeley, about a kid that’s fascinated with gangs. I hope we have no gangs in Eagle County, and if there are gangs, I hope our local law enforcement officials get rid of them. But it’s sad to be printing stuff like that instead of printing the good things that we have here in Eagle County. How about sports? And art? And nature?Has doubtsWhoa. Gypsum. Eagle and Gypsumites, please take a look at the town’s beautiful amphitheater. Are they grading the seating area down instead of up, just the opposite of what an amphitheater seating should be? I know it’s getting close to opening, and Sawyer Brown is booked, but if it’s just dirt we need to put it the right way, like up in Vail, just take some time, get some dirt, rethink the closeness of the athletic aquacenter, which is next to the amphitheater, then slow down and at least get one thing done right before you start another and then have two things done wrong.Public serviceI was just wondering if the Vail post office employees have been getting their customer service training from the Avon post office employees, because now our whole valley is friendly postal workers ready to serve you and smile.Sheet by sheetHow can you flush the Koran down a toilet? That toilet type must be out of the ordinary in those prisons over there, because any normal sewage toilet does not have a hole that big to flush a bible or any other major book down it unless it’s paperback, and not even that. It’s really amazing that those people down there in that part of the world will believe anything through ignorance and not analyze it or think logically just because they want an excuse to cause a holy war against the United States … A criticIt’s too bad that the person or persons responsible for painting “FIRE JEFF SHROLL” around the town resorted to the method they did. However, the message is clear. He has caused many problems in the town of Gypsum that have cost the taxpayers, and quite a number of people would like to see him leave. He often oversteps his authority as town manager to become judge and jury. Water rights should not be “stolen” because too many homes and golf courses have been built, zonings should not be changed because the new residents don’t approve of what older residents use their property for. We were told if another golf course was built the residents would be guaranteed discount rates. We were sold out for $100,000 with no public input. However, we were told if another course is built, we really will get discount rates. Where will the water come from this time? The president is allowed only eight years maximum term. It is definitely time for a change of leadership for Gypsum. Vail, Colorado

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