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Top of the lineYou know, enough is enough. I am a EVMS parent. I am thrilled beyond belief with Mr. Santoro. I like Ms. Stanish a lot too, but she retired, regretfully. I love EVMS’s staff, all of them, and any decision Mr. Santoro is involved in will be a sound one. Wife or no wife involvement. Show me a more ethical person than Mr. Santoro. We are so lucky to have him as our principal! Please stop already. I don’t want him, his wife, or anyone to leave there! H.M.Looking for work?If you need a job, check out the Eagle County School District. Currently they’re advertising for 55 teachers, not counting nine mentor teachers and nine para-professionals. Don’t like itI am very concerned about the immediate demise of Eagle County government. With the unexplained departure of County Manager Jack Ingstad, it appears the place is being run by none other than Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon. Arn is simply filling all our very low expectations. Peter, on the other hand, appeared to be a thoughtful, relatively intelligent man during the election. However, he dashed all those expectations by immediately jumping into bed with Arn and making wholesale changes at the county. It is pretty clear to everyone that Arn and Peter wanted Jack out of there so they could place their unqualified friends in jobs at the county and so they could spend the county coffers like a kid in a candy store. How much more money are they pouring into the Miller Ranch Child-care Center and they haven’t even turned a shovel full of dirt? Please explain to the taxpayers why Arn and Peter are giving a no bid contract to R.A. Nelson for the construction of the child-care center. A $2.5 million dollar no bid contract? That stinks. Keep your eyes on the county, fellow citizens. Your tax dollars are being flushed down the commode.Pseudo scienceSo-called “Intelligent Design” is Biblical creationism repackaged and marketed as science. Its advocates may just as well have named it “Creationism Lite.” ID is the natural evolution of creation science, and “creation science” is an oxymoron, since science is concerned only with naturalistic explanations of empirical phenomena and does not concern itself with supernatural explanations of metaphysical phenomena. Both ID and CS are pseudoscientific metaphysical mumbo jumbo. They are not scientific theories, nor are they alternatives to natural selection or any other scientific theory. ID is just SSDD. BTDT. Fool me once, …Offer bonus locallyRe: “Obtaining an H-B2 visa for one worker can costs about $2,000 in fees and other expenses, such as first advertising the position in attempt to attract American workers.” Wonder how many American employees Gilman would get if he offered that $2,000, cash up front, to them? An opening job bonus, so to speak.Get out thereThis is my tip to all the people that complain about the bikers. Get off your Old Milwaukee, sweat-stained couch and go buy a used bike and try riding it. The results could be threefold. You won’t have all of the free time to call in your silly complaints, you will come to recognize that the paths constructed are not always suitable for bikes, and foremost you might lose some weight. Leash lawA polite word of caution to the U.S. Forest Service, Vail Resorts and the Vail Police Department. Yes, it’s already begun. Unleashed dogs belonging to newly arrived militants, jumping upon and attacking runners on Vail Mountain. If you do not want an ugly incident, enforce the leash law. Too much!Enough. Enough with the (high school) senior profiles. If I’m interested in reading about them, I will go to the local high school and read it in their tabloid, unless they don’t have one. They should have one. This is the Vail Daily. This is a newspaper, or striving to be, I’m not here to read a high school newspaper. So enough of the senior profiles.Just tell meI’m calling this in for the citizens of the town of Minturn. First of all, I’d like to state that we have Councilman Haslee that has presented to the county commissioners that the town would be interested in having a road over on the other side of the river on the railroad tracks. This is definitely accurate and correct, and he’s also been stating that in the community improvement plan. I’d like to know who he represents on that and if anyone has even discussed that with the citizens of the town or if that’s his own personal agenda. I’d also like some clarification from Bobby Ginn, who up until this date I’ve been in support of his annexation into the town of Minturn, but I need clarification on the rumor that also states that he’s going to buy the railyard and wants to try to get the line to also put a road in on the other side of the river. It concerns me about the environmental impact to our fragile stream that we just had redone, as well as the elk migration coming down to the river. I’d like him and the town to clarify on the record before the citizens of the town whether or not this is true. I respect Bobby and would ask Bobby to clarify to the citizens in a public statement as to whether or not he would like to have a road on the other side of the river. My name is Michael Boyd and I look forward to hearing some of the truth and not all the rumors.Share the roadThis is a spandex spokehead responding to “Use the path” printed in Tipsline. Well, it is spring again, and all the motorists should know that cyclists have every right to be on the road. The law enforces motorists sharing the road with cyclists. And people should realize that the recreation path, not the bike path, the recreation paths are used for recreational use. There are families with strollers, people with dogs. It’s very dangerous to have cyclists traveling at 35-45 miles per hour on a very small path designed for slow travel. If you motorists can’t move over a little bit and share the road, don’t use the road. OK? Law enforcement enforces cars sharing the road with cyclists. OK? So be happy, enjoy the area you live in, and share the road with people who are trying to get in shape to enjoy the area they live in. Give us a break.Vail, Colorado

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