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No more visasHow hypocritical and disgusting and worthless is government? Our U.S. government is cutting back on imports from China because it’s hurting U.S. companies. Wait a minute. How about closing our borders, and quit giving out all those H2B visas so Americans can get jobs around here. No Americans are on any construction sites. Go look around and you can figure it out. How sad.On employees’ backsThe May 19 article about how Eaton supporters won’t pursue the GOCO money needs a couple of statements. One, is they’re not pursuing the GOCO money because GOCO wasn’t going to approve it, and two, there was a quote in the article that states that county put in a ton of money. They had all that money from all those sources. Well, the source of the $2.2 million of general funds was money that should have been spent on general obligations of the county. Where a part of that money came from was not giving a pay raise to the county employees and raising the county employees’ health care costs significantly. So, the county commissioners decided to support open space on the backs of the county employees. Can’t ride thereI’m reading in your Tipsline “Use the path.” My nickel’s worth is keep the dogs off the bicycle path with the chains and keep the walkers and the joggers off as well, because they might get run over at high speeds. Basically, that’s why we ride on the roads. Some of us will kill someone on the bicycle path, and if they call it a bicycle path, why on Earth are they walking their dogs with the leash going sideways, getting clipped and getting tangled in my spokes. Have a nice day.Too much TVI was just going to thank the cable company for sabotaging my Thursday night for knocking out the cable in the one hour of TV that I know 75 percent of people in this valley watch making it impossible to watch the “O.C.” The cable company had no excuse or explanation for going out which leads me to believe it’s a conspiracy.Will work wellMy name is Scott Pell and I’m pleased that Robin Santoro will work as counselor at Eagle Valley Middle School. I believe that she and her supervisor will work hard and make sure that her work with the EVMS principal, staff and students will be professional and beneficial. I’ve worked with Mrs. Santoro and I’ve seen her constantly work to benefit students, their families, and the Eagle Valley Elementary School staff.Tax dollarsWhat was the most astounding thing they found during the highway cleanup? One person says 55 one-gallon buckets of paint used by CDOT, and nobody even blinked an eye. Wait a minute. These are workers that we hire that my tax dollar pays. Do you think there was any accountability? Taking more?I see that the GOCO is not going to support the Eaton Ranch purchase. Does that mean that the commissioners now are going to cough up more of the taxpayers’ money out of the general fund to fund this fiasco?Little lateVery nice article by Cliff Thompson on Hawkeye Flaherty and his conversation with Mr. Bobby Ginn. It says here that they’re going to talk to the Minturn council about ethics and it’s going to be a mini-seminar and it’s from their legal adviser. I think the legal adviser, the police, most of the council members and all of the Minturn government should have a conversation on ethics, and that should have happened a long, long time ago.Asserts turmoilI have worked for Eagle County government for over 10 years. Never, in more than 10 years, have I ever seen the county in a greater state of pure turmoil. It is obvious to everyone who works here that Peter Runyon and Arn Menconi are running the show, and neither of these two folks want a county manager to interfere with their style of management. Their style of management includes letting their friends who work at the county basically run wild and do anything they darn well please. When the old county manager tried to rein in these employees, they would simply run to Arn and Peter. Those employees are free to do anything they darn well please. Taxpayers beware.Halliburtan’s warI saw a car with the bumper sticker “IRAQ IS ARABIC FOR VIETNAM” the other day. A few months back the U.S. Army announced they were preparing for a five-year deployment there. Certainly the brave men and women of our military forces will be there as long as the insurgency continues, and the insurgency will continue as long as they are there. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a phrase that was coined during the Vietnam War. But right now you would need a pretty powerful telescope to see it. Of course, President Bush will have the courage and resolve to see this conflict through to the end of his presidency! Then what? How many more will die just so Halliburton, the oil companies, and the military industrial complex can keep their profits! That’s a good oneI find it both ironic and amusing that Mr. Cacioppo would criticize the Vail Daily for inserting liberal opinions into their news stories when his newspaper was based on blending fact and fiction. It would seem that Mr. Cacioppo only utilizes his journalistic education when it benefits his own message, or was he also absent the day they warned against bias?Still a good dealIn the last couple of articles I’ve read regarding the Vail conference center, the authors have stated that the cost to build the center has grown so much that we’ll have to double the lodging tax! … The current tax collected for the conference center is 1.5 percent. Doubling that makes it 3 percent. If you apply that charge to a visitor paying $200 per room night, that equates to a difference of $3 extra per night. Not so big a deal, right? Vail’s lodging taxes are still well below other city’s lodging taxes, and I don’t think the customer will be shell-shocked. So you can understand why town council, in the interest of bringing over $30 million of increased lodging, retail, restaurant, etc., sales, as well as $1.4 million per year of sales tax to the town of Vail, you might not think it’s such a big deal either. … Maybe we should all consider who is against the conference center and why. During the most recent Town Council meeting, I personally noted that the individuals speaking out against the center were folks in Vail who are now comfortably retired. The proponents of the center are mostly working-age people who love this valley and really want to be able to continue their life here (myself included). … Please don’t allow them to taint the facts under the auspice of “truth.”… Never mind truthThis is regarding the media involving the picture of Saddam Hussein and the Newsweek article, and I heard something on the news the other day where 70 percent of the media is anti-military and does not like George Bush, to put that lightly. Why are they sabotaging our soldiers, our men and women overseas trying to do their jobs? Why are they doing this? This is for one reason only. To embarrass the USA. If these people hate our country so much, they probably should just go away, and live in a Third World country and find out what it’s all about, but this is really disgusting. This is horrible.Ruining MinturnI think it’s interesting that our mayor in Minturn, Hawkeye, broke the rules. It’s amazing what goes on in Minturn in the political scheme. Everybody’s courting the big money, and the big money’s what’s ruined Eagle County. Minturn will no longer be the great town that it is. It is destroyed and we’ll just have to see how bad they ruin things. …Vail, Colorado

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