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Still amokI think it’s nice for that lady to write a letter in the newspaper and warn everybody in Minturn about a dangerous pit bull in the beginning of Minturn. I guess it’s been turned in, but nothing as done. So, let’s see what happens. Who’s going to get their face ripped off. Sounds like the days of old in Minturn, when dogs ran free and bit freely.Single file, pleaseThis is for all the cyclists riding on Highway 6. Please ride single file rather than abreast. Not only is it safer for you but for the drivers that must make way for you and yet avoid oncoming traffic. If there’s something that important that you need to say to your biking buddy, pull over.Quit whining, RogersThis is Aleka Dandy calling. I’m an eighth-grade student at Eagle County Charter Academy, and I’d like to ask Don Rogers to quit whining. The Eaton Ranch is being preserved. The deal is closed, so get over it. Through all these months of complaining I haven’t heard your plans for the property, Mr. Rogers. Tell me what could possibly be better for this valley than open space? Certainly not more development. We can all agree that this is a tourist town, right? So is it not painfully obvious that hundreds of thousands of people come here from urban areas to experience what little of the world is not dominated by skyscrapers? Mr. Rogers, please find something worthwhile to write about, because the Eaton Ranch property, thank God, is here to stay.How dare theyWhat does the Eagle River Sanitation District think they’re doing coming to a Town Council meeting in Minturn? You almost bankrupted our town, and now you want to put your hands back in our pockets? You want favors? What do you want? Give me a break.Moving elsewhereI’m calling in reference to David Lach’s letter to the editor on Monday, the 23rd. His first point is by providing open space in Eagle they will prevent future further development in Edwards, and I think that’s exactly the wrong attitude to take. By preventing development in Edwards they force the development down valley where the services are not currently located, causing addi-tional urban sprawl and I think that’s a terrible attitude for the Edwards Metropolitan District to take.Watch out for wildlifeI’m calling regarding Dowd Junction and all the wildlife that seems to be on the roads these days. I appreciate CDOT telling me to wear my seat belt, but maybe they could warn people about the wildlife crossing so we’d slow down and there wouldn’t be so much carnage on the freeway. The other day I was driving home and I saw the bodies of three animals scattered along that section of the freeway. Just a tip. Maybe they’ll listen. Fly-overThis kid flying over Washington, D.C., I just heard that he’s lost his license for a year. But for someone like that to do that and to be so irresponsible, doesn’t that take a little more out of our time? How much money did that take from taxpayers’ dollars to have Congress and the White House and everyone running for their lives when this was some idiot out there, I repeat idiot, who didn’t have a clue. Let’s pay attention. That cost us all a lot of money, and he wasn’t even charged. He just lost his license for a year and slapped on the palm. Doesn’t work for me.OPMThere is nothing “bold” about being a philanthropist with Other People’s Money. Fulfilling your own “vision” with Other People’s Money may be called many things, but “refreshing” is not one of them. However, it certainly takes more than a bit of chutzpa to boldly misappropriate homeowners’ dues and taxpayers’ revenues in an effort to impose their shortsighted myopic vision on all of us.Medicinal potFriday’s article on the medicinal use of marijuana was most interesting. I recall reading an article by William F. Buckley on this subject. Some years back he wrote about his sister who was suffering from cancer and who needed marijuana to offset the ill effects of chemotherapy. Buckley’s sister always had the fear of arrest by the cops, and possibly jail time, to get the drug that relieved her sickness. I think it was this article that made me vote in favor of our state law allowing use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Certainly people who honestly feel they need marijuana should be allowed to grow their own without the fear of a police raid.We do?Great letter by Barbara Vickroy from Escondido, Calif., discussing the Californication of Colorado, and how not to let it happen with illegals, etc. So don’t call me a bigot and don’t call me a xenophobe, I’m a patriot. I’m an American. I love my country. But Barbara, Colorado’s already ruined, and it’s not just from illegal immigration down south. It’s from illegal immigration all over, because nobody is assimilating and we have a high rate of unemployment.On, and on …I’m just calling about the Tipsline about the Snoop Dogg concert and I was just wondering what rock this person lives under. Who doesn’t want people coming into the valley to see Snoop Dogg. Get a grip. It’s 2005, not 2000 B.C.Better than hereI read “A critic” in your Wednesday, May 25, Vail Daily and it was regarding Jeff Shroll in Gypsum, how the water rights shouldn’t be stolen and talking about how him being judge and jury and that they need him gone. Listen, he’s a lot better than what we have in Minturn. We went from bad to worse in Minturn. We could be in the fire instead of on the hot seat.Loose rocksHere’s my tip. I would like to know when somebody from CDOT is going to do something about all the loose rocks on Battle Mountain. This morning there was a big rock slide. Maybe all the money they get from DUIs and enforcing people to use their seat belts they should do something with that money. Quite a catchObviously Jerry Rice didn’t see Chris Freud’s article in the Vail Daily. Or maybe he did see the article and got really aggravated and decided to sign with the Broncos anyway. At any rate, his leadership and work ethics are beyond repair. The only thing that outdoes that is the class he brings to the team. Jerry Rice will do nothing but help younger receivers and pump up everybody else around him. He is one of the classiest guys ever in pro sports. It’s a bummer, Chris, but your Niner ball player is now a Bronco, unlike Barry Bonds, who has no class whatsoever.An ideaLet’s venture outside the big box and envision a Nordstrom’s or a Trader Joe’s. I’ll bet Merv’s already ahead of us. Solutions?David Levine had another letter in Thursday’s edition. As usual, it was a list of complaints about how the Bush administration is handling this or that issue, and as usual, all Levine does is complain. He never goes to the next step and say what he thinks is the right way to deal with the problem. For example, he mentioned soaring medical costs. What does he think is the right course of action for the Bush administration to take about that situation. Be specific, Mr. Levine.Trashy actionI’d like to report that two ladies from the Teva Mountain Games that were driving the black Volkswagen Bug with the orange kayak on top and had lunch at Bartelli’s Deli in Edwards did a really crummy thing. They took all of their brochure boxes and filled the empty Dumpster that all of the businesses in the Northstar Lumber Center has to share without breaking them down, and they put it in a Dumpster right next to the cardboard recycling area. Our Dumpster doesn’t get dumped again for another four days, so now there’s nowhere for anyone to put their trash, so I just thought that for someone who’s promoting a local event that was a pretty crummy thing to do, so I hope you guys will report about it and let them know that they need to be responsible. KudosI called a couple weeks ago about the horrible receipts on City Market and I was there today and wow. Given the grand treatment. These people are working for your business and they are doing a great job. Vail, Colorado

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