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Smalltown feelingI just have a comment about the Red Mountain Ranch proposal, giving it 6-1. I’ve only been to one Eagle Town Board meeting, and you can certainly see that the people on the board for the Town Board, including the mayor, don’t have the people’s interests taken care of. Basically they’re going to do whatever any developer wants them to do. All they have to do is ask and they’ll approve it. So here we go again. We’ve got big box stores in Glenwood, Avon, and I guess now we need them in Eagle. It’s amazing Eagle survived 100 years without them and all of a sudden we need them. Forget the tax revenue. Forget everything. Keep the nice smalltown feeling. Before you know it, we won’t have anywhere like that. Dotsero’s probably next.Still DoggingI’m responding to an ignorant person who called in about Snoop Dogg. How can you say it was a bad thing that Vail got the Snoop Dogg concert in, and Vail should be ashamed? If you don’t like that music, that’s OK. You don’t have to listen to it, and if you don’t like rap concerts, that’s OK too. You don’t have to go to them. But guess what? The people of Vail and everywhere else do. Why did you refer to Snoop as these kind of people and disgusting? By using the words that you used … lets people know how ignorant and racist some people can be. If anything, you are the disgusting one for having a disgusting racist mentality. Have you noticed that everything is still the same in Vail since Snoop came? It’s just a concert. Come on. It’s 2005. …Kiss it goodbyeThis tip is for the Eagle Town Board. Guys, go out to the garage, find the old stereo, the records, the turntable, set it all up, dig out the Eagle’s “Hotel California” album, find the song “The Last Resort,” put the speakers about two feet apart, stick your head in between them, crank it up to about 8, and drop the needle on that sucker and listen. Because you know what? Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye. You guys are screwing this place up.Vail, Colorado

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