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I’m just looking at the downvalley bus schedule service into Vail and notice that there are nine buses that arrive in Vail between 5:50 and 8:03, and then there’s no buses between 8 and 10 o’clock, the times when the mountain opens and the times when you need to go upvalley. It must be their answer to the deadhead problem. I wonder how many millions of dollars they put into bus service that seems to have a large amount of dissatisfaction, and I wonder why there’s no accountability. Why they have buses when little or no people need to take it and the prime time when most people are going up valley there are no buses. It’s amazing with $2.00 a gallon gas up here that they can’t provide bus service for the people who are paying the taxes.

Bastion of truth

I couldn’t help but laugh after reading Pete Vance’s letter in the newspaper. If the Vail Daily got rid of the Tipsline format, nobody would get to know the truth about Eagle County. Also the newspaper would lose a lot of readers, because not very many people read or believe in the Vail Daily. Especially here in their Best Of. The best thing the valley can do without, Michael Cacioppo, his picture is in there. That is gross. If you’ve lived here for any amount of time, you know what’s happened to this community, and people need to know what is going on. Another thing here is they have a picture of my good friend Arn. That’s just hilarious. Maybe he could show us how to do the love dance again. That was the best picture ever put in the newspaper. At any rate, keep calling in Tipsline, let everybody know what’s going on, because that’s your only way of getting the message out.

No respect

The front page of the President’s Day issue showing two of our most revered presidents dressed in ski clothes and sounding like the Dell dude demonstrated the maturity and sensitivity of your editorial staff better than any of us could have done for you.

A lot of smoke

I just had to call about the Get High Gallery that had their $700 tobacco pipe stolen. I just wanted to point out that number one, calling the pipes tobacco pipes fools no one. Number two, maybe the Vail Daily should do an article addressing the widespread marijuana use in this valley and its potential effects on children that start smoking it when they’re 12 and 13. There’s a number of very revealing and alarming studies out there indicating that marijuana use leads to harder and heavier drug use in young children, and if somebody could point out the people to me that actually believe that these pipes are used for tobacco consumption, I’ve got some stocks I’d like to sell them.

Here’s the poop

I’m calling in regard to the “Paradise for pooches” story. As a parent of two, I want to say that I do believe that dogs and children do not mix. This is not a prejudice to the pets, perhaps mostly to their owners. People that are responsible with their pets, such as Blondie Vucich, certainly have a right to lobby for and make appeals for quality places for their animals. Perhaps the answer would be to educate 99.9 percent of everyone that has a pet. When you walk around the Avon lake with a stroller, the dogs are pooping everywhere. They’re 99 percent off the leashes and they come directly up to the children’s faces, which is very scary.

Gone to the dogs

I’m reading the Vail Daily on Feb. 18, “Paradise for pooches.” I’m just appalled at the way people whine and cry about dogs in Eagle County. If you don’t have an acre for a dog to run on, you don’t deserve to own a dog. It’s as simple as that. Unless it’s a teeny little punt dog. I don’t understand it. They ruin the lake, there’s dog … everywhere. The only good thing is no kids are getting their faces ripped off. I don’t know what’s going on with Eagle County. I know it’s gone to the dogs.

A real shame

I enjoyed the story in the Feb. 19 edition of the Vail Daily about the changing economic face of the valley and I couldn’t agree more. I think it is true that all the affordable housing that’s coming on line is going to reduce the value of existing townhomes, condominiums and duplexes. I think they will go down in value greatly, and I think that any local who is looking to get into a single family home should make the move today. Because interest rates are low, it’s a buyer’s market, and the bottom is getting ready to fall out in the condominium, townhouse, multi-housing unit developments.

Give us real homes

With the face of the valley changing to a more service-oriented, long-term, long- range homeowner liver in this valley, I’m just wondering how many people feel like there is way too much multi-family housing and way too little single family homes? Eagle County employers need to understand locals don’t want to live on top of each other. We want single family homes. Hell, a trailer that sits by itself on a piece of land is better than a condo, townhouse or duplex.

Through the roof

Thank you for your article on price gouging at area gas stations. I can remember when gasoline was 25 cents a gallon more than it cost in Denver, and that was bad enough, but 40 cents a gallon is nothing short of highway robbery.

What a system

Another disaster in our judicial system in Eagle County. The paper says today “a settlement is reached in the work visa scam case.” Well, imagine that, these guys are getting off scott free and the poor immigrants, they’re getting the short end of the stick. Again, the only person to make out is the defense attorney, the judge, the lawyers, and that’s it. … My, my, my. What a great system we have here in Eagle County.

The dirty work

I’m calling in reference to the Tipslines “If you say so” regarding the facts of Mexicans doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do anymore, which is particularly untrue. For instance, I have a roommate who is going to do overtime, over 40 hours of his work week, to clean up bathrooms all over Vail Mountain. I mean it’s just ridiculous. I think that we should appreciate the Americans just as much as the Mexicans and start getting along.

Tough market

I’m calling about some of the articles in the Tipsline. For Dan Bromley from England, this ain’t your country so don’t tell us what to do. And all the other foreigners, hey if you don’t like it, leave. Maybe the people who live here could find work. I’ve been trying to find work for three months now, and all these people coming here working for dirt wages bring our wages down. If you don’t like it, leave.

Tough audience

Seeing Wednesday, Feb. 19, County Commissioner Arn Menconi while attending the Rotary Club meeting while the Pledge was being said it was ala Tom Stone: here’s Arn with his hat on during the Pledge. I don’t know if he was actually saying the Pledge or not, but everybody else was. When are they going to catch on?

Builder responsible

Didn’t think Tipsline would have gotten so much response to a request for more safety at the Golden Peak terrain park. I must have hit a nerve. My questions are not “whose fault” but can you do it better? These are manmade supports for tricks, not natural terrain. So take responsibility for your action is absolutely right, guys. When you build it, you own it, Vail Resorts, and you are responsible. Right?

Monument to waste

Boy, it really disgusts me when I see the town of Avon cancel their employees raises. Unbelievable. I think you should look around at those bronze statues, then I think you should look at your employees and let us know what’s really important here.

Not that bad

I’m just reading the Tipsline in your paper about the Audi coil problem. I have an Audi. It had a coil problem. It did not stop. All it does is it rides rough, and that is the sign that one of the coils in either the four-cylinder or six-cylinder Audi or VW is having a problem. It does not stop in the middle of the highway or anything like that. You just drive it a little and then get the thing fixed, which is very easy to have done. So that information that the person sent in is wrong and I just wanted to bring attention to that.

Could use a drink

Am I the only one who gets really thirsty at the end of every run? Don’t you think it’d be nice if Vail could put some water coolers at the bottom of the lifts just like they have tissues for your nose? Sure would be nice.

Um, council makes

those decisions

Bill Efting would be a bad choice for Vail’s town manager. His massive development record with Avon, including the super Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Buffalo Ridge, Village at Avon, the U.S. Forest Service employee housing plot to Vail Associates in Wildridge should be enough to scare Vail residents. In Avon he gave away future sales tax revenues and large amounts of open space to developers while doing little to mitigate the associated problems the residents of Avon are going to have to face in the future with these large projects. It’s not surprising former Mayor Judy Yoder, as Efting’s yes person, would recommend him for the Vail manager job. Both have little regard for what was best for Avon’s residents and desires to please large developers and they should be held accountable for the damage they inflicted on the town of Avon.

Circle the wagons

I’m calling to concur with the caller who called in last week in Tipsline about “Why the perks?” It is tough that people do not talk about this in public, but many citizens do talk about it in private. I’m not a prejudiced person, but it does appear to me that they don’t have as much respect for our country as we do for our own country. It does seem that since our welfare system and education system is just overwhelmed and undermined by their children and the free health care that they get, I would like to see a moratorium on immigration so that our nation’s systems can catch up and the infrastructure can improve and accommodate the people that we have here now. I don’t think we need to take on any more immigrants of any nationality, and let’s regroup, circle the wagons, and make good what we do have. I work with Mexicans every day, and most overall they are good folks, but they do talk about how they can go back home and build a home in Mexico and they will return, and they just seem like they’re here for what they can get. I would like to see them be participants, particularly help the kids with their homework and become more participating in PTA and carry their weight. I know they pay taxes by Social Security, but there’s ways they can get around that, ways they can finagle the system. I would concur with the caller that we need to make more improvements on our immigrant situation. Thank you and I’m glad that we have the Tipsline available for the people in this valley.

Horrors, price of

housing might dip

I’m just wondering if property owners, particularly property owners of townhouses, duplexes and condominiums in the Eagle River Valley, are going to see a revaluation of properties for the property tax base seeing as how we have all this affordable housing that’s being subsidized by our county coming on line, thus reducing the value of our homes. I’m hoping that those property valuations are going to go down, because I think the value of my property is going down, and I’m also wondering if Eagle County seems to have such an excess of revenue that they can consider building a recreation center if they have any plans to put sidewalks into some of these new developments that would seem like the county commissioners would have required sidewalks as part of the infrastructure. I’m just wondering if maybe our taxes can go down so that more of us can afford to buy homes.

Good enough for them

I was reading in the Sunday, Feb. 23, paper that our commissioner Arn Menconi has been named the vice chairman of the Health and Human Services Steering Committee for Colorado counties. It seems as if this represents 61 of Colorado’s 64 counties, and I think that’s great that he did that. My question is it seems that the rest of these people in this committee of counties think that Arn is good enough to be able to serve as vice chairmen of this particular thing here, but commissioners here feel that he can’t be the chairman of the board here. I’m just wondering why that is and I’m wondering why the people of Eagle County have not ended up making more of a stink and have gotten Michael Gallagher out of the chairmanship of the commissioners and raised more of a stink and gotten Arn in there.

Level playing field

I’m really shocked to read some of the comments in the Daily from the Gypsum Town Council members and Eagle Town Council members about the Berry Creek filing project. All of them with more money have gone in the past directly to Eagle. There’s four ball fields there, a swimming pool, you name it, they seem to have it. Gypsum seems to think that they want the same. They don’t want $30 million spent on a recreation center up here, but yet they want to keep building on one in their own little town. I think the people in the county need to realize that the sizable amount of tax base dollars that are funneled into WECMRD by the Edwards area. In the past it’s been quite a bit higher than the amount of money that’s been funneled from the Eagle area or the Gypsum area. Of course those areas are growing and that ratio is swinging a little bit. But for the last 15 years since I’ve been living here, I’ve seen nothing happen in Edwards. Everything has happened in Eagle. So much so that when my children want to play baseball or soccer, we have to drive to Eagle. There are no leagues offered in Edwards. The games are not usually offered in Edwards. If they are, they’re offered at one of the local elementary school fields that WECMRD has not put a dime in to fix that are full of gopher holes and sprinkler heads sticking up. I think it’s ridiculous that the people downvalley don’t realize how much amenities they’ve had for the last five-10 years and don’t want anybody in Edwards to have anything. I think that’s really a small-minded attitude. Let’s put the same facilities up here that you have, and when we get to that point then we’ll talk about equality. As it is now, it’s not equal, and the people from Edward are getting totally ripped off and not getting anything from their tax dollars. I would encourage all the people in Edwards to write the county commissioners or go to the meetings and tell them how you feel about representing Edwards. Edwards does not have a Town Council to stand up and squawk as Eagle and Gypsum do. We’re at the mercy of having the county commissioners (ha-ha) represent us and that’s the biggest joke that you could ever come across in this valley. Most of them live in Eagle and want to see things happen in Eagle, not in Edwards. I think there needs to be more of a level playing field here.

Oh, please

Read your article about Vail. Why are we always putting the ecologists at the front of the news. Vail Resorts is a business. Many thousands of people enjoy their product, skiing! This mountain is national forest, not a nature preserve. We need more ski areas, not the lip service from a small radical group. And the greatest thing from the ecologists is “global warming”? How does he know there is global warming? The Earth is 4 billion years old and we have 200 years of records. Sixty-five million years ago the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We then had global warming and Vail Mountain did not cause that.- Then we had many ice ages. What caused that? I am sure Mr. Berman knows.

Let us see an article in the Vail Daily telling how great the mountain is and how it should be expanded to satisfy the many skiers, not some obscure animal. Trust me, my feelings are the true feelings of most people I know.

Enough is enough-

Why the perks? First, you are correct in all that you stated and you are in the majority, not minority, so hang in there! Second, what do you do about it? Write, call, or e-mail-every congressman, senator and our local representatives. Keep doing it. Takes time, but it works, really it does. Public opinion weighs a lot with them. Third, you may not know this yet. However, our government is planning to send our Social Security dollars to Mexico to financially aid them. True and in progress as we speak.

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