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Big differenceDear Mr. Le Vine: Regarding “we should all be concerned about the reputation of our great nation and the democracy that we adore,” yes to the first one, but regarding the second, we are a democratic republic, NOT a democracy. Difference there, big difference.Our turnI used to be so proud that I lived in the town of Minturn because it was the only town in Eagle County that wasn’t destroyed by greed, money and worthless politics. My how times have changed. Our government now is at an all time low. We keep getting horrible town managers, and now we’ve got somebody who went bankrupt, oh, now he’s not bankrupt, and he’s going to make some big old Cordillera out of it. Well, I’ll just have to get the Vaseline out.One conclusionThis is about the Eagle County going to home rule. The article in (the) Vail Daily about home rule shows just how disingenuous Peter Runyon is and how much he mistrusts the citizens. His statement in the article that he wants to be on the charter commission, and included in the charter a significant threshold for citizens to bring forth an issued referendum is appalling. Having an elected officials on the charter commission is like having a fox in the henhouse. I suppose if Runyon is on the charter commission, he would like to set the commissioner’s salary higher also.Helpful cyclistWith all the negative things going on in the Vail Daily that people publicize in your Tipsline, here’s a real positive stroke for cyclists. I was driving eastbound with my wife and two kids in their seats along just east of Edwards, and I could see up ahead a guy on a bicycle in a bright colored jersey. When I get up there, he pulls over to the side and puts his bike down and starts waving at cars that are moving in our direction, so I slow down. As I get closer, there’s like five or six garden bricks that have fallen off a construction truck, and he’s waved down traffic and is pulling them off the street and tossing them to the side. That was very, very cool of somebody to do. He could have just driven by and left it for the next guy, whatever happens. It’s good to see with all the hassles going on between cyclists and motorists. It was very impressive.Good for RogersJust wanted to say kudos to Don Rogers for calling out our sell-out town councilmen here in Minturn. It’s pretty humorous to see the Tipsline to see the name Tom Sullivan and the word “character” used in the same article. What kind of character they’re talking about remains to be seen.Waited long enoughMy name is Dan and I live in Eaglebend Apartments here in Avon and I feel that the town of Avon should probably get on over here and take a look at the Dumpsters over here, not being bear-proofed. I do feel that my life is in danger and that Eaglebend should probably go ahead and put those in. It’s been two years and it still hasn’t changed. Maybe the town of Avon should crack down on Eaglebend Apartments.Money rulesI’m calling regarding the Michael Jackson verdict. It’s another Kobe and O.J. jury. Money buys power. Very sad. Very sad.Vail, Colorado

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