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Gas mafiaI’m just wondering if any of our gas station owners can comment on Michael Schneider’s great letter to the Vail Daily about gas prices, and why they’re so high and they’re so cheap in Denver and even Toponas. But you come to Eagle County and they’re sky high, and everything’s been going down except for here, so maybe someone can call in. … The gas mafia might answer. … Enough bitternessThis is to Susanna. Maybe you should take a little pride in the fact that you are able to work for yourself and take care of your son and his education instead of begrudging people who need the help. And if we’re able to do it, why would that bother you? Get a life. Quit being bitter about what you don’t have and be grateful for what you have.Part of experienceInherent risk. I’m waiting for Vail Resorts to have it’s best-ever ski season before I file a lawsuit for falling down on the mountain. The only securities fraud may be the price of the lift tickets when only lawyers can ski. Or yoursThis is in response to “Closed minds” in Tipsline where he ends with his little poem, “Closed borders, closed minds; white trash, still blind.” Who is this bovine illiterate? I mean has anybody noticed that the world is seriously overpopulated? Most of the people are fat and most are illiterate. Have they ever read a book like “Tale of Two Cities” or “Shogun” or “Atlas Shrugged” or “Sidartha”? This is a really good one, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.” But that might be a little over his level of intellect. Sincerely yoursThis is for the person who parked their Maroon red SUV illegally in front of the Sitzmark Lodge in Vail on Tuesday. I blocked you in because that’s part of my job at the hotel to accommodate oversized vehicles that won’t fit in the garage. Instead of coming inside and asking me to move the green pickup, you shimmied out the side and decided to break my windshield wiper as a thank you note. Well if I were you I wouldn’t park in the Vail Village again, because I’ve got your number. … This is sincerely from Bob.Part of cycleI liked all the brain surgeons in the Vail Trail answering Street Beat and they all said no about the logging. Hey. Use it, lose it, or a forest is just going to go up and a huge forest fire, and that’s what will happen. Thin the trees out, that’s part of life. Use new wood. Seems like most of the wood’s on top of their shoulders.God blessChad Kesler, we miss you. We love you. From the boys at the Gun Club, Wolcott. Take care, and God be with you.Vail, Colorado

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