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Time to renovateI’ve known the Eagle County courthouse for many, many years. Never liked the gray walls. But they have the same seats in there, never bothered to change them, they squeak. The doors are the same noisy doors when people go in and out of them, they slam, and nobody’s bothered to oil those. The clerk on the computer tapping away on their keys. The acoustics in there leave a lot to be desired. You can’t even hear, and then they have the interpreter for the complainant or whatever. You’ve got the lawyers talking, the judge talking. You can’t hear anybody. Nobody. Either get some microphones for these people, get a sound system in there, put the interpreter in a box like they do at the U.N. I mean, really. This place needs an update. I’m sorry they spent all their money on the Kobe Bryant case just to make a name for themselves. …My roadsTo all you pedaling spokeheads out there who think you have equal rights on the roadways: I pay over $300 annually to register my vehicle legally to use the public roads. Plus I need to be responsible and have insurance. What, if any, responsibilities do you have to even use our roads? What proof do you have to do any of these things?Popular viewThe Tipslines are running 10 to 1 against our government harboring illegal immigrants and passing the bills, including Catholic Charities, which is 80 percent funded by tax money in Colorado, back to all us taxpayers. I dare you to put a poll on asking people if they agree with illegals being allowed here at all. Nice families or not, illegal is illegal. You fled California. Ask yourself why you felt the need to leave. Then ask your readers if people want these California values brought here. I know I don’t. Such rhetoricIn response to Matt Zalaznick’s recent rant of retarded rhetoric: So much inflammatory propaganda and misinformation has not been assembled in one place since Howard Dean last opened his mouth! How does he do it? How does one continue to argue such outrageously ignorant positions in the face of so many contradictory facts? Do people like Howie and Matt bother to confirm anything they say and write, or do they just regurgitate the biased rhetoric and outright lies they’ve read in Newsweak and See BS? Even The New York Times has acknowledged the absurdity of Ward Churchill’s lies. Perhaps the Times staff learned something from their fiasco with Jayson Blair. Too bad Mr. Z. hasn’t. Journalists are supposed to report the facts truthfully, and facts are required even when writing an opinion, unless the intent is simply to spew more BS.Lefty syndrome… The extremists are so blinded by their agenda that they seem to have developed a sort of group Tourette syndrome. … DNC Chairman Howard Dean apparently cannot control his mouth. He repeatedly makes the same idiotic statements. These utterances are apparently involuntarily, as no sane person possessing any intelligence would say such absurd things. Although this pathological disorder is typically found in speech patterns such as Mr. Dean’s, many sufferers express the tic in their writing, such as the Vail Daily’s Matt Zalaznick. His June 15 column, “Americans abet their biased media,” indicates that his is perhaps a very advanced case.Feeling goosedAs our Eagle County DA Mark Hurlbert says regarding non-action taken towards arrested criminal illegal aliens: “It’s against federal law, so we leave that to the feds.” Then why, in the case of the two legal immigrants who held up a bank here, are they being charged AT ALL? After all, their offense is also “against federal law.” Or is it only SOME federal laws get to be ignored in Eagle County? Do only illegal aliens get exempted from federal offenses? Not legal immigrants or genuine USA citizens? What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander. No rewardHey, I just read that the town of Gypsum is offering $2,500 in reward money for the identification of the graffiti artist. This is NOT TAXPAYERS’ money, is it? Better not be. A Gypsum taxpayer who does NOT want my tax money spent that way. Vail, Colorado

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