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Too muchAnother case from the “you have got to be kidding me files”: The veterans memorial group asks the county to give them $600,000? For an overly ambitious plan to build a way too expensive memorial site for veterans? I am very proud of the veterans in this country. My father fought in World War II and I am proud of him. But when this group can’t even garner enough local support to raise over $10,000 for the memorial site, why should county taxpayers foot the bill? While I remain adamantly opposed to the Eaton parcel debacle where the county has pumped millions of dollars into the purchase of an ugly, scarred gravel pit, I must admit that there is a groundswell of local support. Many individuals have contributed their own money to this boondoggle. But in the case of the veterans memorial, there does not seem to be a lot of interest by the people. County commissioners, I beg you, please quit wasting our tax dollars on special interest groups.GotchaThis is Michael Cacioppo. I had to laugh when I read this coward who called in saying he’s a Christian and a Republican taking on Terry Quinn and claiming that he’s not going to sign his name because he fears that Mr. Quinn will address him at our next GOP meeting. Well I have news for you. I go to some of those GOP meetings and I’m not even a Republican, because they’re way too moderate in Eagle County. However, this guy obviously isn’t a Republican or he would know that Terry Quinn never goes to a GOP meeting. Period. Once again, somebody lying about who they are, claiming they’re a Christian, claiming they are a Republican. It’s a shame when you don’t give your name. You’re a coward.An indictmentDistrict Attorney Mark Hurlbert has held another innocent man, Fabian Vazquez, in jail for 17 months. Thank goodness he wasn’t Kobe Bryant. He may not have had to go to jail. I served on the jury last month for the trial of another innocent man, Alex Orlando Canales. This case too was a travesty. The man should never have been jailed and charges should never have been filed. In an article in the Daily after the Canales trial ended, Hurlbert said, “We weren’t out-lawyered, etc.” He was right. No one had to expend that much energy. Hurlbert had no case. … We have a district attorney who runs a shoddy office, is a poor lawyer, and has had at least two innocent people in jail for 18 months or more. … Hurlbert should resign. When is the last time he won a case? Those who attend law school and pass the bar and can’t make it in the real world become prosecutors. Vail, Colorado

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