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Let them build itIn answer to the critic of Kaye Ferry’s position on the conference center, if “Vail Valley” needs one so badly, why don’t you get “Vail Valley” to help to pay for it? Good luck! Joe Staufer.Built by bikeI’m calling in about Route 6. That path isn’t even done yet. It’s all made of dirt and gravel. I’ve lived here for 15 years of my life. This town was built on tourism, and I’m sick and tired of all these tourists having to come in here and read the paper every day about bicycles. Bicycles are what built this town in the summer, and skiing is what built it in the winter. Are all these people complaining about people skiing unsafe and this and that because they don’t know how? I don’t know, but I’m getting sick of reading your stuff in the paper. CDOT says share the road, don’t own it. That goes for cyclists and cars. Don’t ride double wide. That comes from a cyclist. AppallingI would just like to say that the people responsible for putting Fabian Vazquez in jail for 17 months should rot in hell. That was despicable to put that boy in jail, and he has cerebral palsy. Thank goodness for lawyers like Jim Fahrenholtz, who helped him, and all those rich people in Vail who are always complaining about the illegals. I wish upon you to go to a country like Mexico and try to survive there, and then come back to me and tell me how bad the illegal people are. You disgust me.Freedom to speakThis is addressed to whoever called in about Mr. Terry Quinn. The person didn’t have the balls to leave their name, but they were talking about how Mr. Quinn needs to stop writing angry letters into the paper because the person thinks he has anger management problems. I just felt a little bit concerned because it seemed hypocritical to me. At first you talk about how important freedom of speech is, then in the next paragraph, you say you wish Mr. Quinn would refrain from writing in to express his views. Now clearly you do not believe in the freedom of speech, because if you did, you wouldn’t have a problem with Mr. Quinn voicing his opinion. Personally I do not always agree with Mr. Quinn, but this is not the point. The point is he is allowed to say what he wants to say. Of course the letters are inflammatory. That’s the idea. If they’re not, people ignore them. People don’t write in to commend the post office. Just bidnessI’d like to reply to the individual who was freaking out because the Eagle City Market is printing coupons in Spanish. Any business in this valley needs to increase its sales. Anybody who chooses not to cater to the Spanish speaking folks in this valley really are idiots, because they are an important part of our economy. I bartend in the winter. I really wish that I really didn’t have to take money from rednecks or morally bankrupt Republican real estate agents, but guess what? Everybody up here is a customer and everyone helps me make a living. So you really need to get a grip, dude. My name is Tim and I live in West Vail.Not all printedSure is funny how certain tips make it to the paper and certain ones don’t. I think that’s a little biased. I think everyone should be able to read all the tips that are called in, because I know for a fact three tips that were called in that have not been printed in the paper at all. Just thought I’d make that note. Thanks.Editor’s note: That’s correct. Tipsline is edited at the same standards for libel, language, private vs. public issue, overt racism and so on as other commentary, such as letters to the editor. Some calls indeed are edited or rejected outright.Ratting out copsI’m just wondering how come the cops can’t use their turn signal? Nobody uses their turn signals in this valley, and if it’s the cops that are supposed to leading the way, they should do that. Government issueI’d like to say Veronica Whitney’s article is very enlightening involving immigrants, and she states Hispanics. Well, Hispanics did not rob the bank, and we can’t blame the immigrants for trying to make a better life for themselves. We can blame them for the crimes, though, but we should blame our worthless government and the worthless employers for hiring them to get things done for cheaper and to stick their money in their pockets. I work with a lot of Hispanics who are great, great people, and you know they’re illegal, but they’re nice people. Whether they commit crimes or not, I’m sure some of them do, but this is a government issue and it sounds like they’re putting the blame on the feds, which are untouchable. Vote for Tom Tancredo for president of the U.S. That’s the only way we’ll get things done, and call his office, he’s willing to listen. No dogs?Minturn is off to another good year of their Farmer’s Market, EXCEPT they must think they are the second coming of Beaver Creek. They may drive away more potential Minturn clients than they get with their snoody attitude this year of banning pups on a leash. My friends and I have so enjoyed the Minturn Market where we could mingle with the vendors, walk our dogs (and pick up after them when needed) – a real pleasant, down-to-earth atmosphere. Now I would rather go to Beaver Creek where I may be hassled, but at least there is quality. Minturn, lighten up! You are what you are, a place of nice people, not snotty bureaucrats.Ridiculous comparisonsAccording to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, some 15 million to 30 million prisoners died in the Soviet gulags. By comparison, Guantanamo at its peak held 750 prisoners. Currently, there are 520. NONE have died in captivity, and the medical staff outnumbers the prisoners. You’ll get swifter, cleaner and more efficient treatment at Gitmo than most Canadians do under socialized health care. It’s the only so-called “gulag” in history where the detainees leave in better health and weighing more than when they arrived. This means they’re in much better shape when they get back to their hectic schedule of killing infidels: Of the more than 200 who’ve been released, around 5 percent – that’s to say, 12 – have since been recaptured on the battlefield. To all Deaniacs, Moore-ons, Bush-bashers and left wingnuts everywhere: please read again.Vail, Colorado

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