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At a lowThe person who called in and said the town of Minturn would be better off without Mr. Duran definitely needs their head examined. The only person I could think of is maybe somebody on the Town Council or the one disgruntled employee that got fired a few years back, or maybe even the queen bee herself. But it doesn’t matter. He’s gone, and you’ll see just what you’re missing. What happens to the town public works. How many hours the person puts in. We need a shake-up. Minturn is at its lowest.Exposed yourselfSomeone called in Tipsline, taking me to task for criticizing the views of left-wing letter writers. This person says they have a constitutional right to air their views. Apparently this caller doesn’t think I have a constitutional right to offer a different take on issues. This Tipsliner claims to be a Republican. I doubt it. I have heard this is a new tactic of the left: To start out saying “I am a conservative, but …” or “I usually vote Republican; however … .” Then they go on to purvey some part of the liberal party line. The giveaway came at the end, when this caller said “I am not signing my name because I fear Mr. Quinn will address me at our next GOP meeting.” Well, if this person really was a Republican, and really was acquainted with me, he/she would know I am not a Republican, and that I don’t attend their meetings. Better luck with your next lie, chump. Terry Quinn, Eagle.Only AmericansMore and more I find that I need a shovel to read a newspaper nowadays. Wait a minute, per nowadays. Wait a minute, these Australian/New Zealand guys robbed a bank because they saw a movie and it gave them an idea? Holy smokes. These guys were documented workers, and the only reason they were documented workers is because ski shop owners are too cheap to hire Americans to do jobs that should be done by Americans, in America. FrustratedHey residents of Eagle County. I don’t know if anyone else is set up with Comcast, their ridiculous excuses and their inabilities to repair service, but if any of the rest of you are like we are, call them and let them know. Unbelievable.A messThis is for the extremely immature person in Brett Ranch that tied up a bag of dog poop and set it right in front of my garage. You should really know the facts before you go and do something so stupid. That was not my dog’s mess. My dog goes in the same area every time, by the stop sign, and he is always on a leash, and his mess is always picked up. Did you ever think it could have been one of the many dogs that roam free without a leash? You obviously know where I live, so if you have a problem with me or my dog, why don’t you handle it like an adult and come knock on my door. Gone too farThis is in regards to “Share the space”: As an avid road biker, I completely agree with your column regarding the idiot road bikers that ride two or three across the shoulder of the road. But to threaten people and state that if we don’t change our ways you’re going to run us in a ditch is a bit extreme. I’m just wondering when the Sheriff’s Office is going to get involved. This is an obvious threat against (cyclists).Vail, Colorado

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