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Crossroads Is the town of Vail does not approve the Crossroads project, they should have their head examined, and maybe many other things. I guess if they don’t approve it, they’ll go on with their motto of “… the locals in Vail.” This is a project that will help everyone – locals, visitors, everybody – and get rid of that eyesore of Crossroads in view of all the other wonderful buildings that are going up around it.How to say itI would like to comment on a politically incorrect headline in Sunday’s appear. You have “illegal trails emerge.” It should be “undocumented trails emerge.” Similarly, someone who breaks into your house to steal things is an undocumented visitor. Rapists are to be referred to as undocumented sexual partners, and there’s more. Please, please, become enlightened.Gender biasThe title is “Domestic violence double standard.” The movie “Sideways” has been popular with a lot of people who consider themselves progressive. One of the scenes had a woman played by Sandra Oh getting so mad at the Thomas Church character that she hit him multiple times with her motorcycle helmet. She broke his nose. A lot of people were amused and thought the guy was jus getting what he deserved. But what was portrayed is a criminal offense. Domestic violence, pure and simple. Why hasn’t there been an outcry by domestic violence advocates against this glorification of battery? Would it have been different if the guy had hit the woman? This is not new. Remember in “Seinfeld,” Elaine was pretty free about hitting the guys, but I don’t recall any of them ever hitting her. Bad to worseYou should talk about the government in Minturn, because it’s gone from bad to worse. Tom Sullivan should resign. He is smart enough and connected enough where he is trying to get everything for himself, but what about the other council members or mayor who really aren’t qualified to do much of anything? They have not made a good decision since they have been in there, and that would probably be J.B. too. Let’s all vote and change the council again.Won’t see him thereI see Mike Cacioppo wrote in and stated, “I go to some of those GOP meetings and I’m not even a Republican.” True. Mike’s NOT a Republican, but Mike DOES go. Terry Quinn does NOT go and Terry Quinn is NOT a Republican. Oops to the anonymous person who has heard wrong regarding GOP attendance and membership here. Marty Lich.Better wayI’d like to see Merv Lapin pay for most of the $68 million it takes to build the interchange up at the airport off of I-70, and then he can move his big box store to the Airport Gateway Center where it belongs and leave east Eagle beautiful as it is now.Vail, Colorado

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