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That’s all, folks This is Mary Jo Allen. You need to rename Tipsline “Looney Tunes.”Dogs don’t mixI just wanted to commend Minturn on changing its policy on dogs at the Market. I have quit going because of the many dogs that are there. The crowds that come to the market are not the right place to have crowds of dogs mixing with them. It is just a little bit too dangerous, and too much food going on that it might cause a fight amongst the animals. Make up your mindI have a tip for the article about the BLM usage down at Hardscrabble Mountain that you did last week. My first tip to the BLM is why a few months ago did you put an article in the Vail Daily saying that if you could ride, bike, or hike the trails, it was as such? There were really no stipulations. Now, a month later, they’re basically telling us that we can’t ride on the trails up there that are already existing. I think before they start worrying about anything else, they should go and look at what the cattle have done over the X amount of years in the area. It’s just full of cow poop. You can’t even ride your bicycle up there. I think if the BLM could please have you guys do another article and let us know which is it? Are we allowed to ride on the trails that are already built up there or are we not supposed to go up there and ride anywhere? …Can’t get there …Can somebody please explain to me why the recycling bins in front of Crossroads Village shopping center are on the other side of construction where pedestrians can’t access it? You know, town of Vail, it’s great if you want to do construction, but come on, let’s do a better job of this. Another point: We do horribly enough as it is with our recycling. Why now have problems like this where you put recycling bins where people can’t even reach them?Over his headI think we need to rename the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party for Al Qaida. They seem to stand up for Al Qaida more than they do for our own citizens and soldiers, so why don’t we call a spade a spade?Wasting moneyPretty amazing to see the headline, “Study to look at economy and population.” They’re going to spend $50,000. Wait, are the wealthy just going to live here and you’ll just have workers and a disappearing middle class? We already have that. You guys are pretty smart. First Minturn wastes $16,000 on the study. Now Eagle County spends $50,000. Wow. Let’s keep on wasting our county’s money and our town’s money. …Great timeThis call is in response to the nice dinner that was hosted by the citizen committee of Red Cliff last Friday night on the 17th. That was a grand affair. My wife and I went and after working all day long didn’t know if we were going to be able to make it on time. We arrived a little after 8. There was still plenty of food left, and Mrs. Montoya was a gracious host. I urge the next time they’ll be having a fundraising event and a dinner of this kind that anybody in Eagle County would be proud to eat. …Vail, Colorado

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