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Black sheepFor the dude who wrote “Amnesty for illegal immigrants feared” in the Wisdom from the Web: My Vail Valley friends, all legal immigrants, and not legalized AFTER coming here illegally first, either, take exception, real exception (that means they are irked) to being lumped in with illegal aliens. It is rather like being called the black sheep of the family. Who wants that? Understand we understand the difference of the wording and we are a nation made up of immigrants, not illegal aliens. Nor are we hypocrites as you claim. My family came here LEGALLY. Look the word up you doofus. Hint: it means law-abiding.Unclaimed propertyThis is Merv Lapin. Trish Keys at First American Heritage turned me on to a Web site where you can get money back. Go to, then click on State of Colorado unclaimed property, then click on Eagle County in the middle, and it will list everyone that has money coming back to them that’s unclaimed. Trish got me $2,100. Call 800-825-2111 if you see your name on the list. Good luck.If shoe fitsIn his June 23 column, “Flag includes red AND blue,” Alex Miller asks the very reasonable question, “how can we feel ‘patriotic’ – or even kindly disposed toward our fellow Americans – if we think half of them are morally bankrupt idiots?” But perhaps the question Mr. Miller should be asking is, “Why do the most outspoken members of the Democrat Party insist on consistently saying things that make them appear to be idiots(‘morally bankrupt’ or otherwise)?” Although a few Democrats have publicly distanced themselves from the inane vitriol spewed by Howard Dean, Dick Durban and others of their ilk, the silence of the party’s less outspoken members provides a resounding endorsement of their colleagues.Until more of the Democrat leadership speaks out against such outrageously ignorant and politically divisive rhetoric they will all share the mantle of “morally bankrupt idiots” – because they are. If they do nothing to put an end to the misinformation,propaganda and outright lies, then they continue to deserve the title they’ve earned. … Slamming vetsThis is to the comment to the person who did not have enough guts to identify himself after slamming the veterans of this country: Maybe next time you should volunteer, or have your son or daughter volunteer, and go in the service and have the potential of giving up their life so that you idiots can sit here and criticize people for making a monument to the people that have served their time defending this country so you could have freedom not to donate to the memorial of the people that have died in it. Wise up. Go back to Russia, or some of these other countries. Even those people honor their war veterans much more than the USA.Deja vuAs of June 22, there have been 1,726 men and women killed and over 12,000 injured in Iraq. There have been hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent to rid one dictator from a country that was never a threat to our national security. Our president and his administration has got to re-evaluate this travesty. Yes, people, this is another Vietnam. Rich Mahoney, Eagle.How about us?I work in Vail and every day when I exit off of I-70 and read the sign, “Drive slow, guests at play.” How about “Drive slow, locals at work”?Justice?I would just like to thank the people who wrote in regard to Fabian Vazquez. You see I also have a special little friend who suffers from CP. She also touches people to grab attention, and now I worry as to how long it will be before our justice system puts her behind bars for the same reason as Fabian. He is 17 years old. My friend is only 13, and they didn’t ask to be born this way. But it is God’s will, God’s fate. Good luck, you two. What is wrong with our justice system? Make it easyThis is regarding home rule. I disagree with Commissioner Menconi and Commissioner Runyon regarding the ability for voters to bring in issues for referendum. The home rule charter should make a referendum as easy to possible to give the voters as much of a voice as possible. What are these two commissioners afraid of?Don’t know own good bookHow many so called Christians know anything about the objective history of Christianity or the objective history of the Bible? From the sounds of it, not many.Vail, Colorado

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