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Dog looseTo the owner of the husky-shepherd-mix-looking dog without supervision or a collar in the Stone Creek Meadows-Mountain Terrace area in Eagle-Vail: Your dog was sitting in the middle of the street Wednesday morning and I ran out to grab it before it got hit by a truck coming down from Whisky Hill. Your pet had no collar on, you were nowhere in sight, and your pet appears to be injured or quite old. You should be ashamed of yourself! Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen your dog out wandering around the area, so I assume that this is common practice for you, and not that the dog got loose just this once. You do not deserve to own such a beautiful animal. Be advised that the next time I see your dog out alone I’m taking it to the proper authorities. How can you sleep?I just read the article on Rocky Cusson, the dog that was hit by a car on Highway 6 east of Eagle. First of all, I would just like to say that I am grateful Castle Peak Vet was able to allow Rocky the chance to say goodbye to his Mom and Dad. I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been. As a pet owner, I know how your dog or cat is an intricate part of your family, and my sympathy goes out to them. Secondly, I just wanted to let the person who hit Rocky know that they are lower than pond scum with no conscience and I hope they have a long, miserable life. What kind of worthless human being would hit a dog and not even stop to see how badly he was hurt or even if he was dead or alive? How can you even sleep at night? Did you even think how hitting Rocky would affect all the people that he brought love and happiness to? I know accidents happen, but as far as I am concerned, you might as well have hit a person and kept on going. I see no difference. Only in that case, you would be hunted down and arrested. Unfortunately there is no such justice for Rocky. We don’t need people like you in this valley.Steep price hikeTo Vail Resorts upper level management: Why did the the summer bike haul pass increase from $200 to $300? Vail Mountain didn’t get any better it has only gotten worse! The town is distroyed with construction. Vail Resorts is always trying to attact the locals and this kind of thing shows that you are only intrested in making money. The town of Vail as I known it in the past, a friendly and fun place, has turned into a greedy monster. Also the bike pass in the past years (not last year) was good at all Vail Resort mountains and not just Vail. Yet the price increase more than 100 percent. Disappointed local, Jon.Riverfront developmentI’m calling regarding the riverfront development in Avon. Where is the open space committee? Why aren’t they buying the 19 acres in the heart of Avon by the river rather than a gravel pit? Could it be that Harry Frampton is part of the open space committee?Editor’s note: No, Harry Frampton is not a member of the Eagle County Open Space Advisory Committee.Charter worryThe Vail Daily article on June 27 regarding the home rule campaign committee is very interesting. I believe it was nine people specifically chosen by Commissioner Runyon to be on his Citizens for Choice Committee. If any of those folks show up to be candidates for the charter committee to write the home rule charter, we’d all be wise not to vote for them, since Runyon is the one who wants to make it difficult to bring a referendum. It would be a good idea to be cautious of anyone he recommends for the charter committee.Snap of a fingerIt’s June 27: Down to about three miles of visibility. Could the U.S. Forest Service please do some fire management and quit worrying about their land swaps in Minturn? I know everybody at the Forest Service wants a new office, but you’ve kind of lost sight of what’s really important. So please put your fires out and “no” to your selling public lands to finance a new bureaucratic office.Three is enoughWhat’s with this home rule? I can’t believe we want to have more county commissioners. We haven’t had a good county commissioner in years. Why does government have to make more government? Aren’t three knuckleheads enough? …Immigrant troublesWisdom from the Web, Monday, June 27: This person talks about the new laws could trouble immigrants. Wow. Bummer, dude. It says in the last paragraph, “So under this thinking if a person is wanted on federal bank robbery charges, or kidnapping or terrorism, which is also a federal law, are they home free in Eagle County?” I’ll tell you what. Our government and judicial system need to take a long look at themselves. This person who killed that Quest executive fled to Mexico. The guy that killed that poor policeman in Denver fled to Mexico, with help from his family members. All those people who helped that guy should spend a long time in prison, and that kid should be put to death. So it’s about time you people opened your eyes. …Vail, Colorado

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