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It’s right hereJust wondering where the Tipsline is? I haven’t seen it since the 24th. Bye.Up in smokeI’d like you to look at our beautiful smoky skies. We’ve got five states that are on fire and burning, so I think it would be wise for us to use our wood. It’s our natural resource. You either use it or lose it, or you burn in hell. So when you think about trees, think about utilizing your natural resource instead of watching it all go up in smoke. Wow, that’s awesome.Bit of a messI was just wondering if anybody besides myself thinks the parking lot at City Market in Vail looks like a bomb blew off in it. Missed some scoresI just wanted to call and wonder about your paper a little bit. You’ve got an enormous real estate advertising section and probably 1,000 other ads but you can’t even manage to put in the baseball box scores. Come on, you’ve got four or five pages of Lacrosse, and that’s great that you’re covering the local sports. But come on, how about just a little more coverage of what’s going on in the world?Torture for nothingI think the District Attorney’s Office and the law enforcement should really be ashamed of themselves for putting Fabian Vazquez’s family through all of this torture for nothing.Horrible rulingI actually have something to call about and that is this ruling on the Supreme Court calling that they can come in to our neighborhoods and take our property if they think that maybe a gas station, a strip mall, or community center might be better served there. This is infringing on all our rights and this is disgusting, and I’d like to see what goes on. This is horrible. This is the worst ruling I have ever seen as an adult, and I’ve seen a few pundits, but this is so far beyond our rights as citizens that it doesn’t make any sense.Must be highI’m calling in regards to the article in the paper on how cocaine and alcohol are still the only drugs in the High Country. Whoever wrote this article has got to be out of their mind. Walk into any 12-step program in any of these mountain communities, and see the amount of meth users and heroin addicts. They are so far off base with this article that I am absolutely shocked you would even print it, and I wish for once somebody would please include the drug alcohol and sexual connection, with older men and younger women and sports and everything. I mean you guys would have to be high to even print this article. You don’t know what you’re talking about.Redneck logicThis is Spencer from Eagle. I’ve been hearing about what is a redneck. It’s simple. A redneck still says “yes, ma’am” and “under God” and “heck ya, I’m an American.” But last and definitely not least, he doesn’t ride his horse down Highway 6, because he realizes it’s not 1970 in our not-so-little Happy Valley anymore. …Quest for cheaper ads`After reading Ms. Miller’s article (last week), I think a good business for Merv Lapin’s property in Eagle is maybe a printing press so that we can have cheaper classified ads. Therefore all of us will have more money to spend locally.Bring her here!I have been a resident of Gypsum for 18 years, and I’ve seen Eagle get fast-food restaurants, hotels, City Market, a library, a public golf course, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and lots of open space. Thank you to the citizens that are supporting a big box in Gypsum instead of Eagle. I do believe that we will finally have the tax dollars we need to have all the amenities of Eagle and more. Vail, Colorado

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