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Keep dogs awayI’d like to respond to the comment about no dogs at the Minturn Market. I supremely agree. There’s a potential there for problems with the dogs, even on leashes. It could be people tripping on the leashes. It could be dogs approaching children in a scary fashion. It could be dog bites or people’s inattention to their dogs. I think it’s important to note that most people are not dog haters. They are looking at the owners as hopefully the responsible pet owners that know that certain places are better for the dogs not to participate, such as festivals, food fairs, Fourth of July fireworks, etc. Recently we attended something in Keystone, and they do have a no-dogs policy, and we found it was much nicer for our family to walk about with children in strollers and children on hand and elderly individuals. I think this needs to be looked at as a safety issue. It is not discrimination, and dog owners that think it is, they need to look at how they care for their dogs. I believe a responsible dog owner would respect this particular policy at the Minturn Market. I’m hoping they’ll enforce it at all local markets. It will make it much easier and much nicer for a family atmosphere.Holding offFrom East Vail to Gypsum, the entire valley applauds Fred Green’s decision to do the right thing regarding his Lake Creek property. Thanks also to the county and his diligent neighbors, too. Now how about the Palmerosa?Why here, not there?The Vail Daily story on developing the confluence area, the 19-acre parcel along the river at Avon, is very interesting. The principal behind developing the confluence area is Harry Frampton. That’s not mentioned in the article, but it’s pretty common knowledge. He’s also one of the big supporters of preserving the 72-acre gravel pit in Edwards. I’m not sure why saving the gravel pit in Edwards is more important than saving a 19-acre parcel in the heart of Avon with a half-mile of riverfront. I think Harry has selective decisions based on whether he’s involved in the development or not.Hot dogThis message is for the owner of the white Toyota Tacoma truck that was parked at the Grouse Creek trailhead in Minturn (recently). I hope you really enjoyed your ride or your hike while your dog lay in the back of your truck, with a little bit of air and probably by the end of the day some very hot water. I know the dog was there for at least 2-1/2 hours, probably longer. By the way, did you know at 11:30 it was 75 degrees out? By 1 it was 79 degrees out and completely sunny. Fortunately for you, Animal Control cares just as little about your dog as you do. Next time, why don’t you leave your pet at home, do it a favor, and do everyone else a favor, so we don’t have to worry about your dog, because you obviously don’t care about it one bit.Another mistakeGood grief. Not another million dollar monstrosity for Seibert Circle. How about instead having a simple fountain where water, not a phallic symbol, is the attraction, a few comfortable benches, and some simple potted flowers. Let’s not waste taxpayers’ money on a repeat of the muralist’s mistake.What is rape?I can’t wait until District Attorney Mark Hurlbert’s wife accuses him of rape. There could be a rape without any signs of violence. When is he going to come forward and press charges against this moron? Is he a Woody Harrelson knock-off? Aloha.Pays the billsIt’s July 2 and your Saturday paper has the most real estate booklets in it that I’ve ever seen. I mean, really. I know that all the greedy real estate people out there want to sell homes over July Fourth weekend, but really. Why don’t you come out with a separate real estate section? The population out there is educated enough to know, “Hey, I want to get the Vail Daily, or I want to look at real estate.” That’s to say the touristas or second-home owner that wants to move about and see what’s out there available on the real estate market. I know your paper is still free, it’s just a local stupid newspaper. OK? I read it when it was one page. I’ve been reading this paper since it came out, but this real estate stuff has got to go. …Gordian knotI’m just calling in response to Scott Turner’s article about Peter Runyon. Peter Runyon’s got a good idea, but Peter Runyon doesn’t realize that if we slow growth, then we can’t afford to live here. And if we can’t afford to live here then the quality of life depreciates anyway, because we just have a bunch of old people who can afford to live here living here and the whole town just falls apart. I think we need to slow growth to a point, but at the same time we need to make some affordable housing available, make it affordable to live here, which is a tough thing. Peter Runyon will not receive my vote.Off their duffsI’d like this title to be “fighting diabetes” because I see a lot of cyclists on Highway 6 and other roads traveling through town as tourists and locals alike. And they’re getting off their butts, not getting in their cars sitting around, going home to watch television. When they get home, eat chocolates and fudge brownies. That all causes diabetes because people don’t get off their butts and exercise. These people are all out there riding their bicycles and exercising well, and they’re eating right and they’re fit. I’d just like to say thank you to all those that are doing that and please remind them to speak out against road ragers, to call Colorado State Patrol at *CSP on their cell phones with license plate numbers to report them, because I’m seeing people giving cyclists the bird and I disrespect that. …Vail, Colorado

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