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Build it alreadyGo Crossroads. Tim Moffat’s letter on July 3 is quite good and we should all think that way and have that Crossroads development approved as soon as possible so the town of Vail can benefit. …Don’t let reality inIt’s a spectacular Fourth of July morning and I open up my Vail Daily to see on the cover the tragic photo of a woman being consoled by a fireman whose house has just burned down. It’s a shame that you couldn’t put a more relevant or spectacular picture on the cover on this day when it’s the most populous and busy day of the year. Poor judgment, Vail Daily.Motor oil dumpingI’m just calling to maybe educate the general public a little bit on the disposal of hazardous materials – used motor oil, antifreeze, that type of thing. I run a small business in Avon and I’m getting real tired of having people dump it off on my door after hours. You just need to know, Eagle County Motor Pool will accept the oil, the Eagle County Landfill will accept motor oil, Nick’s Quick Lube will accept the motor oil at a nominal fee. I will accept it, but I will not accept it after hours, and you need to come in and talk to me, because this stuff has to be tested for any type of gasolines, hydrocarbons, paint thinners, that type of thing. So the general public needs to know this. Moving throughTwo questions. One, when is the town of Gypsum informing Red Hill residents that Cotton Ranch is attaching to Strohm Circle as their upper access street? It is no longer a gated emergency road only, per the town’s agreement with the Red Hill residents. Two, the town of Gypsum is returning the $6,000 assessed per individual Red Hill home, CORRECT? Red Hill homeowners paid that by themselves to have their dirt road asphalted. Now Cotton Ranch residents will be driving on it. It is in progress now right along with the new upper plat housing development. Scare tacticI’m calling in response to the article about the volcano blowing up in Dotsero a few weeks ago. I’m also a lifetime resident, and I believe that person hit it right on the head of the nail. That is a definite threat to this valley. If you are thinking about buying a lot or a house here, don’t do it. If you develop here or build anything, it could be completely ruined within a matter of years by the volcano. Imagine, if that volcano exploded, everything would be black. There would be nothing left. Think of Mount St. Helens, how much it looked like Mars. …Vail, colorado

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