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Show too shortAnother record year for Vail Resorts in the ski season. Five-minute fireworks show.Pick it upWould the friendly people that live in Vail Commons please pick up the litter around their house? It’s quite filthy.Too much to ask?Why don’t people complain about not having things for kids to do but we are so worried about the richies that they have to have another golf course, and not maybe another hospital or another recreation center for kids to go to? I go to Denver and all I here is there’s nothing for kids to do up there in the summer. Give me a break. People are so worried about money and what it’s doing building golf courses on the land. Why not build a recreation center for kids, or is that too much to ask?Cut off their aidI’ve been debating Art Kittay concerning the Israeli Palestinian problem since we met, easily more than 20 years ago. We’ve always disagreed. Now here’s a surprise for Art. Sure, let’s turn the Israelis loose on the Palestinians, but when I say turn them loose, I mean completely. They receive more foreign aid from us than any other country, mostly military aid, and that’s the problem. If Israel wants to be turned loose, fine. Without American taxpayer money. American Jews should be more worried about America than Israel, and the same goes for all Americans. We shouldn’t be paying for the guns and ammo and it should never be Israel right or wrong. And don’t tell me the Israelis are a moderating influence in the Middle East, either. They create as many problems as they solve. Rocky Rockamora.The lowestThis is to the people who went off and left the dog in the road in Eagle. Somebody already addressed it and said that you were pond scum, but I think you’re lower than that, the scum at the bottom of the sewage pond. This happened to me about five years ago. My young son found our dog. The people didn’t stop. When you hit a 50 pound dog you have to know you hit something, and thank God it wasn’t a child, because I think these were the same kind of people that would run from that, too. We need to get rid of these people in this valley. I don’t know how we do it, but stronger laws and more people reporting. If you see something going on that you don’t like that is wrong, especially when it involves an animal, if you don’t go right over there and beat the holy hell out of the person on the spot, at least you could call the cops or the humane society, but this stuff has to stop. Animals are a huge part of our lives. …Vail, Colorado

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