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Driving lessonHere’s a serious safety tip for drivers. You yield to passengers on the left in the roundabout. However, when you’re at a stop light, the opposing traffic turning right has the right of way, turning left traffic does not have right of way. This is especially to the little lady in the white little car in Eagle. Again, please remember, people turning right out of the traffic light that’s green have the right of way over those turning left on the opposing side. Just say noDriving up Lake Creek, it’s still possible to imagine or remember for some what the valley was like just 20 years ago. Although many homes have been built over the years, most unobtrusively occupying the valley and a sense of openness and beauty still prevails. To allow homes on the open pastures of the Palmerosa takes something away from us all and gives to only one person, the developer. Contrary to the opinions of some, the developer has only three rights. To buy and use property with the current zoning intact, to walk away, or to petition the county for a change in zoning. He has no right to a change in zoning. That is in the hands of the commissioners. I can’t imagine one neighbor not connected financially to the proposed development being in favor of upzoning this property. Have some guts and just say no, county commissioners. Join a fire crew, thenThis is to the individual whoever so unintelligently complained about the low visibility due to forest fires? I really got a kick out of this one. First of all, there were no fires (last week) in Colorado even slightly big enough to cause low visibility in the valley. All of the big fires are out west in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, etc. Second of all, the Forest Service is doing something. My husband is a firefighter who has been gone from his home and family for two weeks, while working 16-hour days, inhaling the same smoke that you’re complaining about two feet away from his face, and sleeping on the ground, but you can complain about poor visibility? Why don’t you walk the walk and join a fire crew, although I doubt you could even hack it for a single hour.That’s MinturnIt’s pretty interesting about how Minturn finalizes its hopes and dreams. The need for more parking, police protection and street maintenance. Police protection? Are you kidding me? We need to be protected from the police. … Catch and releaseIt’s kind of nice they find that missing Idaho girl at a restaurant and she was with a fellow, Joseph Edward Duncan, a registered sex offender. That’s just our government and our judicial system, catching and releasing. He was out on bail. But at least here in Eagle County, they don’t catch and release, they just let you go. …Selling out MinturnI’m a Minturn resident who attended the meeting (last week) with Bob Ginn and the plan to build a sewer plant down in Dowd Junction. I think it’s kind of ironic that they’re going to sell Minturn down the river due to money and greed. I think the people that live here in the Town of Minturn are blue-collared, hard-working people and I find it ironic in today’s climate that the little guy keeps on getting screwed over and over again. … Cultured jungle, anywayI just read Blair Tindall’s book, “Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music,” and I just can’t believe she’s coming to Vail. The book is just scandalous, and I hope somebody from the Vail Daily has read it to do something on this. Scandalous.Vail, Colorado

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