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Modest proposalIt’s nice to hear people calling for the unleashing of the Israelis on the Middle East. It would be good to make a note to self, when supplanting an indigenous people, be sure to kill them all. Dead people never want the right of return. Maybe the Israelis can use a page from history and gas the problem away.Range or dump?I was calling about this loaded gun article, which actually answer a big question for me. I recently was over at the Two Elk trail, first time in that area, and drove by that Forest Service shooting range there in Minturn and was shocked at all the trash and debris that has been shot up as well as the umpteen million shotgun shells. I couldn’t believe the mess. …Vicious dogsWhat a great letter by Mark Bromberg speaking about an incident at Berry Lake on June 18 where the fellow’s dogs weren’t leashed and each of their 100 pound puppies attacked his dog. Pretty sad to have this, and at the end it said, “I don’t know who’s more at fault, the puppies or the irresponsible owner.” It’s obviously the irresponsible owner. I think he should bring his dogs to the Minturn Market.Conflicting valuesI read the Tipsline in Wednesday’s Daily about the riverfront development in Avon. I agree that Harry Frampton is not a member of the Open Space Advisory Committee. However, the tipster had it right. He’s very involved in buying the gravel pit. He’s also very involved in putting development on the 19 acres in Avon adjacent the river. It seems like his interest is different depending on whether he has any interest in the property or not.How about this?Some advice for the U.S. Forest Service. Why don’t you close down the Eagle Ranger District office, which is now basically a rented house, and sell the land in the middle of Eagle that has no forest value so you can have your work station, and use the Minturn office which is 15 years old and have that as your central district office? …Finally!All I have to say about the proposed county ban on smoking in public places is, IT’S ABOUT TIME!Choice when it suitsThis is a question for Arn and all the local Democrats here. If you guys are supposed to be the party of choice, why are you trying to force locally owned independent restaurants to not allow smoking. Shouldn’t it be their choice whether they allow smoking or not? Arn, as soon as you invest in a local business and are working at a local business, and you are part owner, you should be able to tell them what to do. Until then, it should be their decision. Remember, you guys are all about choice when it suits your needs. Wasting waterIt’s 87 degrees and I’d like to know why the town of Vail feels they can water their lawn in the middle of the day when it is extremely hot. Vail, Colorado

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