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Convenient choiceI’d like to applaud the Daily for doing the article on the charter school. I’d like to see them go farther in debt. I think the issue that’s been on the table for many years, and Cricket Pyleman pointed it out, that a group of local parents tried to have them shut down because they are not in compliance with the charter. Basically that’s what it comes down to. The charter school is supposed to reflect the community. I believe that if the Daily did some digging they would find out the charter school here chose to not have transportation because they would have to give up something else to do so, so basically they nixed all the poor people and all the minorities from the equation when they did that, and I believe that was their choice. I don’t think it’s anything to do with anything else but the charter school. They run their own school, as far as I know. They seem to, so they would have that decision in their hands, and after 10 years if they wanted to change that, they surely could do that by now. But it’s a very convenient way to keep it an all white school. White flight, as we have all known it in the 1970s from the blacks in the cities. Same thing. Nothing different. So I’d like to see an in-depth study. I’d like to see that they come up to the charter. They also need to look at the ratios of severe-needs kids, handicapped kids. I don’t believe there are any there, and the other schools have a lot, so that needs to be reflected, too, because it takes the funding of 10 children to put one special needs kid through school, so it’s 10 times more expensive.UnbelievableI’m sitting here looking at the map of the first design of the Battle Mountain project, Ginn-turn. Tell me this isn’t real. I can’t believe that anyone is thinking about building houses and a golf course around Bolt’s Lake. That’s a Superfund site. They tapped that to try to keep it out of the river. Evidently these clowns weren’t here when the river used to run orange and rust red all the time, huh? That’s all been cleaned up. There’s no way they could irrigate that property for a golf course and keep the grass green, number one with all the stuff underneath the ground and number two they’re going to leach it all out into the river again, and that should be stopped. Sorry, Bobby, you can’t screw around with nature around here, man. You’re going to have to figure out another place to put your little empire.Another dummy?Just read “Government in action” in Friday’s paper. Vail Town Council is going to have one more cop for interstate speed enforcement. I guess the mannequin in the cop car at the West Vail median wasn’t pulling his weight. Must be hard to find good dummies.Vail, Colorado

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