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Owes us apologyI am calling in regards to “Off their duffs.” I would have to say that guy owes anybody with diabetes an apology. A lot of people have diabetes, not because they’re lazy but because they inherit it. And for myself, I’m 19 years old, have type II diabetes, and I’m a nutritionist and I’m going to school to be a physical therapist. That has absolutely nothing to do with half of the diabetes patients, so he needs to get his facts straight before he calls in the paper. …Our dollars wastedAs a Vail taxpayer, I strongly resent the Vail Town Council awarding the contract for the information centers to Vail Brochure Delivery. This is a business with no employees, no experience, and the highest bid of the three. It’s quite clear that the fix was in, even though business after business got up at the Town Council meeting and spoke for the VVCTB. Members of the Town Council should realize that it’s our tax dollars that they are wasting and we will remember who they are.War of the roadsI just read your article on war of the roads and I’ve been calling in several times about that lady that talks about the dogs. I don’t ride the 8-foot-wide bicycle path for those obvious reasons in the newspaper and some other reasons. What I believe this lady ought to do is if she is too scared to drive her car, maybe she should get on the bus, because the bus driver has the same options as the cars do. Maybe you should put all those guys on that one bus and have all the road ragers in there because they’re too scared to ride their automobiles. …Get a clueAt the West Vail roundabout on the south side there was a dirt biker who couldn’t wait while a lady in a big SUV waited for a bicyclist to cross in front of her. Hey buddy, get a clue. I didn’t know you were in that much of a rush. I’ll be glad to sign my name, Maldy. Buddy, slow down. The lady was doing a nice job of letting a person through a roundabout, and you had to go and pass on the right side of her while she was waiting for this bicyclist. Profit oppI’m going by the Vail Police dummy sitting on the media. All the locals know about him, and I just wonder if that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because all the locals just go barreling by now, and the day there’s an actual police officer in there, you guys are going to make some money.Better than looseThis is for the lady who called in about the dog locked in the vehicle in the parking lot. You need to get your facts straight, because I’m sure Animal Control does call, but a vehicle is private property. Unless a dog’s life is in immediate danger they can’t enter the vehicle. So although I’m sure you’d like them running around the valley smashing windows everywhere, they can’t do it. But, it’s probably not a good idea to leave a dog in a car. It’s potentially dangerous, but it is not illegal.From cheap seatsThe river is No. 1 in Minturn? Well then how come when they put the river restoration project in they didn’t do a thing. They dug up the river and left it. The other thing is, last I knew Red Cliff doesn’t have a sewage plant that works. Why does everyone want a new sewage plant in Minturn when the problem is upstream? I think Mr. Ginn should really think about putting a sewage plant in Red Cliff and it will solve the problem downstream.Put Cliff on itIf the county is going to take $2.2 million from the general fund to help buy that gravel pit in Edwards, perhaps the Vail Daily could do an analysis of what programs will be cut by $2.2 million to pay for this gravel pit. I think you should get Cliff Thompson on it, as of course he’s your best reporter, so there’s an idea for you. Rules of roadThis tip is for the bicyclists. … They are to follow the same rules as the automobiles. That includes moving out of the way for an ambulance and a fire truck when they’re going down the road. After all, they were probably headed to scrape one of their fellow racers off the road.Clean ‘er upI’d like to comment on all this hubbub about the volcano at Dotsero blowing up. I think the sooner that volcano blows up, the better. It will cleanse Eagle County.Vail, Colorado

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