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Classical nightmareI’m calling in regards to the July 2 classical concert up at Beaver Creek to celebrate the Fourth of July and we thought the venue was very disappointing. The grass was completely soaked, people were forced obviously to sit on blankets on the wet grass, there was an air conditioner in the back did not allow the people to hear and it just seemed very unorganized and chaotic. We would hope that next year they do think through a little bit more the venue on that concert, because it is so fabulous. Because it’s not?Pretty amazing how you can put an article in the newspaper talking about the middle class in Eagle County and buying a home. Why do you have a two-page article and you don’t put that the middle class is dying at a rapid race because of undocumented workers and the terrorists that are here in Eagle County hiring them. Something’s got to be done about this. Look at all these job sites and look who’s on them. Certainly no Americans. Way to go, Eagle County. Way to ruin my community.Write onI can’t believe it. Two great articles that I agree with totally in the same paper and on the same day. Rocky Rockamora, you’re right on. That would certainly help solve the Israeli problem, and Richard Carnes’ essay on the London bombing was fabulous. I live in Denver and we don’t get this in our papers. I think I should move to Vail. It’s great.Not enough stopsI’m calling to complain once again about the stupidity at ECO Transit. The ECO bus from Eagle gets off the freeway at Edwards, but can’t make any stops at Edwards other than Freedom Park. Go figure. I’m surprised that they didn’t drop kick the people that they hired to do schedule planning who originally had next to no experience and hire somebody who either has some experience in the county or knows what they’re doing and starts taking passengers and efficient route planning into consideration instead of this let’s-cash-a-paycheck nonsense.Corral smokingLast year at the Eagle County Rodeo, I was sitting in the stands and observed a family of four with two little kids turning around to ask the people behind them to not smoke because the smoke was blowing in the children’s faces. The smokers indicated they were not willing to put out their cigarettes. I’m wondering if Eagle County has addressed the situation this year, if there’s going to be smoking allowed in the covered bleachers, making all of us uncomfortable. If they want a smoking section, why don’t they make it the free-standing east side bleachers that are uncovered and they can smoke and it won’t hurt anybody else. I’m really tired of this.Too informalI am a frequent visitor to the Eagle County Building in Eagle and interact extensively with the Building and Planning Departments. I must say that since the departure of the former county manager there has been a noticeable drop in the professionalism of the Eagle County staff. When I was in there last week I bet half of the Planning and Zoning Department were in shorts and flip flops. Shorts and flip flops are great beach attire, but have no place in a public office that my tax dollar supports. I sincerely hope that the county hires a strong, professional county manager that holds his staff to a much higher standard of professionalism than is currently being displayed.Vail, Colorado

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