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Great jobA big thank you to the fire department and firemen who responded to the fire at the Eagle-Vail condominiums on July 3. Thank you again for not letting the fire spread to other condominiums. You did a great job. Your own faultThis is to the moron that whined about animals getting hit by cars and blaming it on the driver. … Take care of your pets. If you let your dog run at large, they’re a hazard, and it’s a hazard to them, so people like you do not need to own a dog. It’s real simple. Keep your dog fenced in or keep it on a leash. But don’t whine and cry when the dog gets hit by a car, because you are violating the law. …Goose killersIt appears the powers that be in Vail are intent on turning charming Vail Village into another pretentious, over-built Beaver Creek. Now that the proposed overgrown Four Seasons will be ruining the entrance to Vail, they want to continue to mar the rest of the village with overgrown structures. Are they killing the goose that lays the golden egg?What would we do?My comment is on cutting off the aid to Israel and about Israel being turned loose. The main purpose that was accomplished when Israel was turned loose, so to speak, in 1948, 1967, and 1973 for instance, was to prevent their country and their citizens from being destroyed and swept into the sea, and protection of their citizens is the main purpose of any nation. How would we feel if Mexico and Canada had the stated purpose of destroying us and driving us into the sea? … Vail, colorado

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